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Ahhh Shell, you've done it again.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. This morning I pulled into a shell outlet to purchase fuel.

    Get off the bike, open tank, grab nozzle, place into fuel mouth, wait, wait, wait, wait, look up and Arpoo is motioning to his head with his pen.

    Is this bloke for real?

    He refuses to turn on the pump so in disgust I throw the nozzle on the ground, remount and leave.

    Go across the road to the Caltex and refuel there.

    Walking towards the shop I remove my helmet, pay for my fuel and head to work.

    I've emailed Shell wanting clarification on their refuelling policies as I was unable to locate them on their website.

    In the mean time I called the store and spoke to the manager who told me that it was a rule of theirs to disallow fuelling whilst still wearing a helmet as the forecourt cameras could not get a photo of my head.

    So when I asked if I was a muslim woman wearing a burkah or a dood wearing a cap & sunnies that would be ok?

    I was greeted with silence. So I took the liberty of saying, "yeah, thoughts so". It's plain discrimination just because I choose to ride a motorcycle.

    She then tells me that she would speak to Arpoo and advise him that it is ok to refuel with a helmet on.

    I did tell her that until they provide a place for me to place my helmet that I would continue to wear it whist refuelling. I'm not about to place it on the tank, on the mirrors, on the seat or anywhere else where it could get damaged.

    I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally. This is not a shot at Indians, more a shot at these "new Australians" that have yet to have the common sense module installed.
  2. IMO, Caltex Vortex is better fuel anyway. Arpoo did you a favor.
  3. jesus vic, this isnt the first time and wont be the last time.

    Take your bloody helmet off like the rest of us and you wont have a problem.

    and couldnt this have gone in the other thread you started about the same thing not too long ago instead of a whole new thread?
  4. I wear an open face helmet, I take off my sunnys or clear glasses to see what I am doing when refueling. I leave my helmet on when paying, Never been challenged yet.
  5. I usually put my helmet on the passenger foot peg; if i think it may fall off for whatever reason I have a bike chain and lock coiled on it which locks and keeps it stuck to the peg. Surely you have somewhere to put your helmet on that big bloody BMW!
  6. See if you can fit a burqa under your helmet for a good laugh.
  7. Yeah the administrators might get the shits with you
  8. Glad to see insanity still rules the kingdom.

    A couple of winters ago, I pulled into a Caltex servo, and was also told (over the load speaker) to remove my helmet. I duly did as instructed and then fueled my bike.. Once that was done I wondered into the servo to pay for the fuel...THE WHOLE TIME WHILE STILL WEARING A SILK BALACLAVA I wear in winter to keep my not so hairy head warm.... go figure!

    Where possible now I use the Mobil servo's, get off bike, swipe card, fuel up and fugorf.. simple
  9. *sigh* here we go again.:nopity:

    how old are you again?

    take your bloody helmet off! pretty simple, really.

    *shakes head*

    the **** the world revolves around you!

    when and if you go to the bank, where do you put your helmet?
  10. Every cloud has a silver lining, Vic...yours was Caltex....a MUCH better fuel.

    There is a saying...
    "when all else fails, one can always serve as a bad example"

    Shell does that admirably. :)

  11. i put mine on the ground. never had a problem
  12. Your helmet? What? ewww.
  13. Here in Canberra I always fill up at Mobil, because it's the only place with EFTPOS pay-at-the-pump. That means that I don't have to take off my helmet (full face) or go into the shop at all.

    Only once has an attendant come on the PA system to ask me to take my helmet off. Apparently he failed to notice that I had prepaid at the pump and was anticipating that I'd try to walk in to the shop with my helmet on. He must have seen the "WTF?" look on my face because he came out of the shop to apologise in person. Faith restored.

    I don't really mind taking my helmet off if I'm going into the shop, although I'd like to see the rule applied consistently to everyone hiding their face, including certain religious groups who seem to think that they deserve special treatment in all things.

    More troublesome is taking out my ear plugs (because they're a hassle to put back in) so that I can hear what the cashiers are saying. Lately I've realised that all this does is enable them to push corporate reward cards and 2-for-1 chocolate bars, so the ear plugs stay in. If they have anything to say, I just loudly ask them to speak up (like an old man who forgot his hearing aid). When forced to raise their voices, the cashiers tend to skip the annoying sales banter.
  15. Ah I always thought it was just a special mobil card which you can use at the pump. I usually fill at mobil anyways so Ill look into efptos at the pump.
  16. Not always - I ride up onto the footpath of my local CBA ATM, stop, remove glove, open jacket pocket, get ATM card, do transaction, place all in pockets do up, glove on (left of course), take off. Everyone that has watched me has just giggled. :)

    Back to the helmets thing, I've made friends with the crew that run the 7-11 outside the melbourne hospital - helmet on always and in winter when my iPod is under my wets I leave the music running and they just smile and wave. :)

    What does shit me is the BP outbound on the calder - stupid c^&*s have blu-tacked the EFTPOS machine to the bench. Everytime I pull it off (takes a fair bit of force). Everytime they sook and complain and I start a yelling war with them. Then I remembered I was going to complain to BP about it - might do that this afternoon.
  17. Providing it's not a wet forecourt, I put gloves down on the ground and the helmet on top of the gloves.

    Can't believe the shillacking you guys are levelling at Vic. LOL
  18. I never go to shell anyway! BADD storys about there fuel.

    Likes been said before, caltex has better fuel so go there. problem solved!

    The better buisness guts your, buisness!
  19. Spot the ankle grabbers Rob. :roll:

    The world DOES revolve around me. Did you miss the press release? Is that why you are happy to comply to stupid and discriminatory policies?

    I sir am not and will make a song and dance when required.

    Nothing in this Country is eroding faster than our basic civil rights.
    We are happy to ban this and that for Joe Blogs but for Allah and his followers, we need to be politically correct and give them special rights over everyone else.
    To **** with that!!!!

    I don't blame corporations or Governments, I blame the twits that bend over at the drop of a hat. Sadly some of you are in that category :(
  20. I typically refuel at Mobile, A: because of the pay-at-the-pump and B: because the fuel IMO is better.

    But the Mobil is in the opposite direction to the way I travel to work.
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