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Ahh time for this noob to get a bike and i need help (L's)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Hello all :D Im going for my L's soon and i need to get a bike, ive got about $4000 (can get more i just need to save it).
    I am asking for all to give me their opinion on what they would thinkwould be a good 1st bike for me and what i should
    look for in protective gear. Also if theres any people around my age in NSW, whats the cost of insurance and rego like?

    here's some info about me
    age: 23yo
    height: 6ft 4inch
    weight: 120kg
    riding experience: very limited

    the bike i realy like is Suzuki Across.

    thanks for your help.

  2. hi, ive got an accross.. my first bike, and ive never ridden before doing my learners.. been pillion a few times, but was my first time at the helm. ive found the accross to be a great bike to learn on so far. very forgiving, easy to ride.. i went on a 2 hour ride on the weekend no probs. very few vibrations through the bars at 100 KPH.. and hardly noticed any below that.. umm.. i paid $3700 for mine, that was with 8 mnths rego and a ventura rack though.. and tis a 94 model. you might be able to pick a reasonable one up for 3G.. ive also spent $1200 on riding gear.. which is the miminum i was happy spending.. plus the limit of my budget.

    my suggestion is look for a bike, keep saving, pay no more than $3500 for an older accross, and spend as much as you can on gear. and so it smartly. no point buying a pair of gloves worth $200, and a helmet woth $50..
  3. In NSW you can get some learner legal 500's aswell... yer a bigger bloke (around my size) so you might want to consider one of those...

    perhaps a GS500 or similar...
  4. I should have stated that the $4000 is for the bike alone i was going to use my normal savings to buy the gear which is around the $1000 to $1500 mark givin the fact it wont be until the new year when i get the bike, so my savings should be more towards $1500 for gear.
  5. CB 250. It'll suit perfectly and when you're off restrictions, you'll get your money back. :)
  6. i'll sell you my cb250. where are you?

    cb250 is very easy to learn on. and its cheap for rego/insurance. since its a naked, commuter, not high theft item. its very reliable, economical.

    i've had it for 6 months now and its definitely served its purpose. ie helped me to learn/reliable.

    now i want something little more exciting though.

    minimum gear would be helmet/gloves/jacket.

    i highly recommend you get helmet, gloves, jacket, back protector, boots, proper pants. get in the habit of wearing all this and you'll feel naked riding without it. i highly recommend because remember even a small off can hurt you. most my stuff i bought off ebay. saved lots!
  7. Somebody six foot four and 120kg probably won't have much fun on a CB250. ;p

    Sorry to say guys but there's merely slow and then there's having trouble keeping 100 on the freeways!

    Yeah, go the Across. Failing that a Honda Spada might be your thing. You can find decent examples of each for less than $4k.
  8. Hi beery welcome .
  9. a spada will probably be a bit cramped for someone 6'4" as well. i rode kaer's spada for about a month while my VTR was getting fixed and at 6'2" found it a little cramped compared to the VTR. the VTR has a higher seat and more upright seating position.

    my advice, go and sit on as many bikes as possible before buying :)