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ahh Japan...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nel, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. not only is it the birth-place of SOOO many two wheeled machines of joy, it is also the part of the world i love to visit (usually at this time of year) to ride its snow covered mountains and volcanos.
    you see, i made a deal with the devil (the missus) last year, that if i bought the new bike i would not go snowboarding in Japan this Summer.
    at the time it seemed like a fair deal...but im not handling it too well atm. so i have been looking at my pics of past adventures, and it probably hasnt been helping much, but i found one pic that put a smile on my dial..and i reckon it will put one on yours too...


    go the chains! :LOL:

    who thought this thread was going to be about Japanese whaling?
    actually i have a pic of a whale on its way to have some 'research' done on it, and it has an accident on a motorbike too!!

  2. The posties are everywhere!! haha :dance: :dance: :tantrum: nice pic, where abouts was it taken??
  3. Probably out to buy some whale fillets for his bbq later on
  4. ^^^ Hey, whale meat is just like cows meat,

    its so true what they say,

    if abatoirs had glass walls everyone would be vegetarians.

    BTW I am pro whaling *waits to be flamed*
  5. I'll go and get the matches...
  6. I think I have a vintage bottle of petrol somewhere. Seems like an occassion.

    BTW even if I were pro whaleing I wouldnt be doing it in someone elses backyard, I wouldnt be expecting them to treat me any better than poachers of pantegonian toothfish. And I absolutely would not be insulting the intelligence of everyone in the world by calling it scientific research.
  7. Hey - Vintage huh, I should feel honoured. :LOL:

    Just to respond - I dont want it done in my backyard either - I dont condone that, But you have to understand - the Japs are copping it hard for doing it in their own waters/elsewhere,

    Question, Do you know what goes on in an abatoir -

    its not nice at all - but you still eat your steak/burger right?

    whaling itself has been a viable source of meat/energy for many hundreds of years, for many people, inuit, far north europeans i.e. faroies.

    But the scientific part, well - theyre not going to kill the animal, do the test/scientific recording, then throw it back are they, theres money and food to be had, mmm whale - good eatin :wink:

    Seriuosly though - I dont know what theyre testing for - but hey- be thankful its not you theyre testing on.
  8. in the middle of Hokkiado.

    here is a whale they saved, its on its way for some 'research'


    and Shant..it tastes like tuna, not beef.. :wink:
  9. Hey Shant, I'm not going to try to change your mind, but do some research before you post stupid stuff will you?

    Yes, I know what goes on in an abattoir, I've been through several of them. Piggeries are the worst. It's not the brutality that most intelligent people object to. :roll:

    Nice shot of the bike in snow, but why doesn't he have chains on the front? I like the ice racing bikes, that have spikes in the tyres. Much more effective and lethal. :grin:
  10. funny pic (the first one)

    as for whaling. there is 1 big difference between cows and whales.. we arent running out of cows. im not against tuna fishing or anything like that, but running around killing a species that are running short of numbers with no other intention than for profit? its disgraceful.
  11. got to love the japanese make great cars and bikes.
  12. *is now anti whaling* :roll:

    Hey guys, I dont like whaling, I am just saying it was and still is a method of obtaining meat/fat.

    mmm... stupid comments hey.

    Eat whale ... and save the planet
    By James Woodford
    March 29 2003

    Lies and the landscape

    Less intelligent whale species are much like sheep and should be sustainably hunted, says one of the nation's most influential environmental scientists, Tim Flannery.

    Japan's 'scientific whaling' program is subsidised by the Government of Japan, and the meat from the whales - including minke, Bryde's, sei and sperm whales - is sold on the Japanese market. Japan has killed more than 650 whales per year under the guise of 'scientific whaling' and, due to a loop hole in the IWC's legislation, the body has no power to stop it.

    Fishing nets- more of a problem.

    Are fishing nets a serious threat to whale populations?

    WWF has found that around 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises are killed each year as bycatch in fishing nets. This translates to nearly 1,000 cetaceans killed each day in fishing nets.

    Sorry for the Hijack, BTW Love the chains on the bike
  13. mmm, i am gonna take a walk on the wild side and say i reckon "whaling" has got a stigma attached to it, much the same as "nuclear energy". the green message, full of the goodness of mother earth seldom acknowledges BALANCED scientific evidence or compromise.

    one thing i am sure of is that some extent of whaling would be sustainable, its been done for many hundreds of years before hand. not that it should go on unchecked, far from it. but if the japs are going to do it anyway, you are better off reaching a compromise which would be researched, then a harvesting limit capped, and the japs might actually stick to it. it might increase the economic price of whale meat, something the japanese consumer wouldnt like but would pay for.

    i have heard of the research that minke whales could be harvested at a sustainable rate, i havent seen the research myself, but i would dare say it would have some truth to it.
  14. It's not Japanese hunting of whale meat that caused whales to become endangered - but the US hunting of whales for oil and blubber (the US accounting for around 80% of all whaling during the peak periods of the 19th century). Had it not been for the US stripping the oceans quite probable that commercial whaling in places like Japan and Norway could have been quite sustainable.
  15. Just because the Yanks started it doesn't mean the Japs can finish hunting them to extinction.
  16. GixxaFreddy, Noones going to finish the whales, - If you want to help the whales, and really make a difference, its easy - like me- do not eat fish.

    Dont pay for it, dont eat it when its free, steer your friends/family away from it, by all means try some, but stick to chicken, pig and our humble friend the cow, oh and if you feel adventrous, try roo, theyve become feral in some parts, and theyre good eatin,

    JD & I dont like mondays, I concur.

    Oh and BTW, that sperm whale, man, what is the story behind that.

    *pre-apolgises about thread hi-jack again*

    But dang- whats with the whale, why didnt they strip it at the shore and let the blood soak back into the sea? eww.
  17. I'm too lazy to make a difference and I love most seafood. It was a simple statement that I made. What they do in their own waters is their business and no other country has a right to tell them what to do. Australia can make its objections known to the Japs but they dont have to listen. Australian waters are a different matter. I say if they wont obey our authority, sink em. That goes for illegal immigrants too.

    I think we are being way too serious. This all started out inoccently about one mans memories of his trips to Japan and has ended in a discussion on international politics and the plight of the whales.

    Riding a bike rools! Nibb High football rools! :grin:
  18. Point is that those whales that are endangered are those that were hunted by the US (ie Blue, Sei, Fin etc.). The Japanese however are mainly after the Minkes which are only at a slight risk, due largely to the fact that the US went after these once the larger whales became impossible to find (and only stopped when whaling was banned in '86).
  19. may i state, that i have not come across whale meat in Japan. not in a supermarket or on a menu. i did look for it, just out of curiosity of course. the locals told me it looks and tastes like tuna. and yes, i would try it...when in Rome...
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    Funny how some Japanese play the racist card after WW2 when they believed it was their divine right to conquer and rule the world over lesser beings.

    Very very sad


    I hate cruelty against animals, it makes me want to turn vegetarian.