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ahah my misuses little bro is a champ

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by fubarcbr, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. ahah got told this the other day

    my misus's little brother got suspended from school for getting head on the school oval. was getting gobies from some chick he had his eyes closed and she was busy, teacher walked right up to them and is like "ahum, stop that right now"

    he goes but i'm almost done.

    bwaaahhahahha. he is a little champ, oh he is 15 btw.

    a true king among men lol
  2. I would of given points if it was in the office. not out on the oval.
  3. Still deserves kudos for the response....

  4. Thats the sort of school I should have gone to.
    *slaps back of head* Just remembered I have a teenage daughter :eek:
  5. ah, good call ;)
  6. I must be getting old.

    I didn't know what "gobies" were, so I looked it up on Google and Urban Dictionary.

    Google implied that it was a breed of fish, whilst the Urban Dictionary claimed that it was a measure of 6'5"


    I can only assume that your nephew had a 6'5" penis. Am I close?
  7. gobbies is just sland for headjob.. Getting a gobful.. It's a bit whack for a saying you know dawg but these whipper snappers these days think they all this and shit yo.. know what I mean dawg?! heh

    Well anyway, it's slang :)


    And you're only 26? Damn dude... Unless the age is wrong, you should have heard that saying before?????
  8. No mention of the school name?

    How am I too know where to send my son to school if I don't get all the information?? :wink: :LOL:
  9. Or which one to keep your daughter away from? :LOL:
  10. "some chick" dosent count................. Now if it was a female Teacher :grin:

    Oh can i have the chicks number to file away till she's 18 :p
  12. True story here:

    My wife worked in a Youth Refuge in the Latrobe Valley for a couple of years (a long time ago). She was doing the sleepover shift one night when she heard the patter of 14 year old feet from the girls room to the boys room. (there was one of each staying there at the time).

    She got out of bed, put on her dressing gown, went and told the young lady concerned to get back to her room - she also said that breaking the rules (again) meant they'd be in trouble in the morning.

    It was less than a minute from when she heard them to when she got to the bedroom. The response was "f*** off, anyway we finished doing it before you came in anyway". :LOL:
  13. hahaha.. thats gold.

    there was a school here in wesside melbourne where a bunch of girls were raising pocket money by giving the male students gobies for $5 a piece. very entrepeneurial of them i say!
  14. Rather a sad indication of the current status of our society though, don't you think?
  15. Yeah :WStupid: they should have charged $10 :p
  16. Yes, a school on Sayers Rd in Hoppers Crossing (not Westbourne!), a friends 3 daughters all went there at the time (but not involved :oops: ).

    I agree it's a state state when girls are giving it away fror $5 :eek:
  17. At my primary school we had fake marriages :p :oops:
  18. Complete with wedding night? If not it doesnt count...
  19. Hey give them a break, they are just the next generation of hookers that will be needed in St Kilda. :p