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Aha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny Come Lately, May 3, 2005.

  1. Just got a phone call from AJ's Motorcycles at Shepparton...my 05 Speed Triple lands on the 20th!!! Yeah baby yeah!!

    My serious, chronic case of motorcycle deprivation is almost at an end!!

    PS. AJ's have been fantastic every step of the way so far...can't recommend them enough. A salesman at the BIG Triumph dealer couldn't give a toss so I'm going a little out of my way for great service. :LOL:
  2. Oh man im so jealous of you! Hope it goes real well for ya.
  3. Hey i bet your jumping out of your skin in anticipation for that first ride :p . Nice choice too. I've hear those bikes are Wheelie Wheelie good :D
  4. make sure you ride up to the other truimph dealers on it with the sales contract , see the manager and tell him because of his arse staff they lost a sale .
    i am sure his manager will give a toss .
    if its peter stevens , mat232 and i would love a invite when you do it .

    anyway congrats on the bike , make sure you come down to fri coffee and put it on show
  5. AAAAGGGH I'm sooo jealous.

    I reckon they're an awesome bike... Enjoy!

  6. Yip, that's a cracker of a bike. Enjoy!
  7. Don't they come with hideous Neons?
  8. Without trying to take over or start a tangent thread. Congrats on the new triple. Sometimes price isnt always the determining factor when it comes to buying. Service is a big plus and often very hard to find. But the best thing is often service and a great price (and I mean the "extras" thrown in as well as pure $$) often go hand in hand. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in going to a half arse dealer and showing your pride and joy when you have bought from a great dealer. Often then will pretend that they dont give a toss and they prob justify their thoughts to themselves in some twisted way (which is why they are half arsed dealers). I have been lucky enough to have done it twice. And both times the difference in service was indescribable, and the extra bonus was more $$ in my pocket. In one case it was $4,500 difference.

    So congrats, the wait will be worth it when you push that start button.

  9. Oh yes, it is the PS that lost a sale. Anyone that would like to come along will be most welcome. First I have to meet all you guys for a strong coffee!! :D
  10. Can I have a ride, can I, hu, can I, I been good.
    bugger....only 3240 hrs to go until I'm off restrictions and I can buy mine.
  11. Nice. Saw one at PS in the city on Saturday, and the new Sprint as well, damn fine machines. Make sure you bring it to coffee so we can all have a drool. (Get my new 04 Sprint in two days, by the way! :D )
  12. :shock: Ta Vic I had almost lost that image ya plick :LOL:

    Congrats on the new steed dude :)