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Ah yes, riding. Now I remember!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Having my bike at Loz's and in the shop for quite a while, I forgot how dangerous riding can be.

    I was estatic to get my bike back and couldn't wait to get out there and have a care free ride :D


    Well, I got it back last friday, and so far -

    I've almost been rear ended once
    Almost been side swiped 3 times
    Cut off once
    Had a bug deck me in the eyeball and setup camp until i got home and found it under my eye lid (pulled the bastard out with my own fingers)
    Had a car drag me off the lights, car noticed my lane was ending and I had already commited to getting infront of him, then still tries to box me in, causing me to JUST get in front of him and give him the finger.

    Ofcourse, then theres -

    Riding to and from work,
    Actually being excited at the end of a shit because I get to ride home,
    Going to the beach last night and riding beach road with a slightly cool breeze,
    listening to my baby scream through gears
    slowly get back into the knack of cornering and loving it more and more each time my confidence level etchs a bit higher.

    I suppose they weigh up pretty evenly, seeing as cars have none of the above listed joys and pains.

    It's just frustrating when I'm having a glorious ride through town or at the beach, enjoying every moment, starting to worry less about crashing and severly injurying myself, just having a blast in the moment - then plow, something or someone will pull me back down to earth with a "could've stacked it then.. was a chance you could've died, could've.. could've.."

    I wish cars were made more aware of bikes..

    It seems when cars do head checks, they're programed to look for cars, and expect to see a car, not a bike.
    they do their quick glance and if there isn't 2 tonnes of shiny metal next to them, they assume it's all clear.
    then you'll either get the SIDSY or they attempt to put the blame on you.

    Anyway, just thought I'd rant.

    Also, I might be heading down to elwood beach tonight after VSS's mini meet.
    All depends if the weather holds out.
    I'll be bringing a friend who's new to the bike scene on his CB250.
    Come say gidday if you see us :)
  2. I know how you feel...it can be frustrating when cars dont pay attention to the other road users...but i've gotta admit I'm not perfect and have probably been guilty of making stupid mistakes myself unintentionally before I started riding..

    All my family and friends who dont ride are now more aware of bikes on the road...I thinks its often a case that when you dont know anyone who rides, you actually forget that there are bikes on the road..but once you can relate to knowing someone who rides, then awareness does increase. For example, my sister now always moves over in her lane to let the bikes split through...

    At the end of the day people do make mistakes, and the consequences of riding a bike always mean that you tend to be a bit more aware of whats going on along the road and all around you...but people will always make error judgements when driving unfortunately...

    Its the knackers who purposely aim for people on bikes that drive me insane...if someone makes an error - you can usually tell that they've freaked themselves out too...but when someone swerves towards you - or deliberately puts you in danger by their actions, then yeah its enough to make anyone feel aggressive...
  3. Thats dedication if you ride to go take a dump mate :LOL:
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    now thats funny!