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Ah What a Day...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rashpocket, May 17, 2010.

  1. So for the last 2 working days iv been on workers comp, i managed to smash my finger resulting in the loss of a nail and minor nerve damage.
    So before my appointment with the quack today i thought i might take my drz400 out for a slash. As i was strapping on my lid i thought to myself "I still cant wheelie" -After 6-7 months of riding.
    I decided to spend to the day around quack appointments to perfect my wheelie craft and tap into my inner hooligan.-Trust me we all have it! :evil:

    So i started out just trying to power wheelie in first...and that gave me no success. i thought if i tried to power wheelie in 2nd,3rd,4th i would be going way to fast to start off. so i threw it in to 2nd and brought it down to 20kms an hour and gave it an absolute fistfull and popped the clutch and BOOOOM!
    HOlY ShIt!

    after a few hours of this i had a pretty good grasp on it.
    As i come back into town i was popping wheelies left right and centre and as i parked up at home, i realised im a changed man!
    Too much of a good thing?
  2. only if you get busted for hooning, but you then could always say that you have a sore hand and couldn't control the throttle properly :LOL:.
  3. seriously wicked day!!! i need the rest of the year off...
  4. getting paid to practice wheelies... Love it!!!

    I'm still lacking the balls to get mine going. Pop up little ones here and there when trying on the back streets, but I'm too scared to give it a handful in case all 750cc's attack and I loop it!! Lol
  5. Yeah if i had a fibreglass crotch rocket id deffinatley isnsure it before i did anything even slightly dangerous...

    But i'll be honest its somewhat liberating...
    Next time some Jap Turbo'd Wogbox revs his donk at me i'll come to the party alright, i'll shame him with my wheelie skills...theres nothing like a desstroyed ego
  6. Read elswhere you had a not so good Monday, Just wait till next Sunday & you'll forget all about today.