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ah the choices

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mlc05, Apr 25, 2011.


Which bike of these?

Poll closed May 16, 2011.
  1. Honda VTR250

  2. Honda CB400

  3. Honda VT400

  4. Suzuki GS500

  5. Suzuki GS500F

  6. Suzuki M50 800

  7. Honda VT750S

  8. Sachs Xroad 250

  1. Hi all, I am new to motorcycling and this forum. Last year I started with a moped then graduated to a 125 scooter. I did not think it would go much further particularly as wifey called motorcycles death machines a year ago.

    However the bug has bitten and wifey has softened and in 2 months I can graduate from an RE (a) license to a manual R license. The long term plan is that I want to be a motorcycle instructor so I need my R class asap to get minimium 3 yrs riding experience. With that in mind my shortlist for upgrading is the following:
    Honda VTR 250; Honda VT 400; Suzuki GS500; Suzuki GS500F; Honda CB400; Suzuki M50 800. Any ideas, immediate exclusions, comments about experiences etc Any I have possibly left out?

    I mainly commute in traffic a couple of times a week, head for a leisure ride down the coast and through the mountains every couple of weekends and head up the highway to Brisbane, Ipswich every now and then. I want a fairly upright posture as I do not want the weight on the wrists and I am not into sports riding as a wannabe race pilot. I would like to keep it for a few years and not trade up every year or two because I have outgrown it. I love how the VTR is so nice to ride but with a long termview towards instructing I am concerned it may not give me the experience I need to instruct with experience....
  2. I voted GS500, but you might also want to consider the dual-sports class. Suzuki DR650, Kawasaki KLR650 or KLE500 will all do what you want from a bike, to a greater or lesser extent and all offer outstanding value for money. They're great commuters, are fun in the twisties with the right tyres and are bearable on the highway (KLR prob wins there, with the KLE a close second and the DR trailing a bit due to small tank and lack of fairing). All for probably well under $8k OTR if you shop around a bit, though I'm not up to date with KLE prices.
  3. Thats the oddest combined list of bikes I've ever seen.

    I'd take off the vtr, cb and gs500's and have a look at the triumph sprint, vfr, z750 / 1000, fz6 or 1, street / speed triple - You won't out grow these bikes quickly as you would all the bikes on your list (excluding the m50)

    All of these bike are upright and are built for how you said you'll be riding.
  4. Yeah, I first thought it was a LAMS list till I saw the 800 & 750.

    Holster's list is pretty good. I'd maybe include Wee/Vee Strom.
  5. i like that vt 7fiddys
    cb 400 great bike
    all the rest are either crap, underpowered, or gay.
    and yeah, given what you appear to be budgeting for, go past all of the above and keep looking.*

    *except vt750s
  6. Better start hanging around the bike shops that do Qride too. Let them get to know you and then see if you can get a spot volunteering for them on Saturdays and Sundays at the riding centers.
    Then start saving your bucks for your license. A TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Quite a few have them and getting a job is not that easy. Best to get both your car and bike at the same time as well.
    Aegis are pretty good togo through on the south side of Brisvegas.
  7. Thanks Brett061 good advice, actually I had thought of doing the car and bike instructors at the same time and Aegis do a good deal on that too. All the feedback is great guys though I ain't sure what makes a gay bike...I am leaning towards the GS500/500F, their prices are fab as at the moment. Though the venerable VTR250 is just so good to ride.I have really only been riding motorbikes the last year. I have about 5-8g to spend...8-[
  8. GS500 for sure over the VTR250.
  9. I like the way you think - a wonderful motorcycle piloted by the discerning gentleman rider....
    Bit of a step up from a 125cc scoot though!
  10. CB400 ftw.
  11. For mine I would get a naked, at least 500cc. Best deal for the least amount of K's with a full service history.
    If you get a job instructing then you wont need a personal.
    Also get a copy of the national road rules. And a copy of TORUM. If you cant find TORUM pm me and I will see if I can find mine and burn you a copy. Might have a few old instructor manuals around if you want them. The school you land a job with will give you one anyway and expect you to teach THEIR way. So don't go getting to many preconceived ideas. Like with the numerous "best bikes for you" Instructors have the best way to teach or execute a maneuver.
    There is bugger all riding in going for your Instructors license, so don't sweat to much over that. All you do is the same as Qride. But you have to nail it. Really not hard.
    It's all about the road rules and how to set up a class and small business management.
    To be a good instructor you will need to know how a bike works. They don't teach you this. But you will need to know it.
    It can be a pretty frustrating job. Also can be very rewarding. Depends on your passion for it and road safety.
  12. All of the above?
  13. You can't beat the Sachs!
  14. Suzuki has some good specials on the GS and GS F. I rang one dealer and he gave me a great price over the phone. I said I would come in for a test ride and he replies they did not have any demos and I said but you just told me you had 3 in stock and he says yeah they are new stock and they do not do test rides on new stock. He then suggested I go to another dealer who has one of the same model to ride and then come back to them...How ridiculous. I am new to motorcycling- as if I am going to buy a bike without riding it beforehand......unbelievable.
  15. still overpriced for what it is. simply because it's on the LAMBS list and theres little else to choose from.
    and a batshit boring bike to ride
    and ****ing slow
    and boring