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ah! my leatha!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. when i get home with my wet leather jacket should i apply anything?

    i thought it was only meant to rain tonight. :(
  2. Absolutely, a good 12yo scotch....oh and you might give the jacket some thought as well.
  3. Well it would've been better to apply a leather treatment product before it got wet, but ah well. I'm not the most knowledgable regarding leather maintenance... i really oughta clean all those bug splatters of my jacket but it kinda adds to the 'texture'. ;)
  4. I'd tend to hang it on a coat hanger and let it dry in the open air rather than store it in the cupboard. (Probably avoid hanging it over an open fire too.) That should reduce the likelihood of mould and stench. :)
  5. If you are worried about the leather hardening, after geting water on it.

    Some of the best leather cleaners and nourishers are available at 'horse shops' i.e. Bonnetts, Horseland etc.

    Things like Effax leather cleaner, Joseph Liddy Saddle soap or Glycerine soap
  6. Stolen from a Horse Riding Website;

    "Water is no friend to leather, especially rainwater and its pollutants. At the microscopic level, leather is made up of a tangle of collagen fibers resembling a pad of steel wool. In the tanning process hides are soaked in chemicals to prevent its fibers and their bonds from decomposing. Then natural fats and oils are tumbled with the hides (this was once a hand process known as "currying") to keep the protein bonds from drying out and to make the leather supple.

    Keeping those protein bonds lubricated and supple is the key to long-lasting leather. If the bonds dry out completely, they shrink, become brittle and break. Once broken, they can't be mended. The leather is permanently weakened. Soaking dried-out leather in oil may make it supple and bendable again, but it can't repair damaged fibers or restore their strength.

    When water penetrates leather, it forms temporary bonds with the oils that lubricate the interior fibers, then floats those vital oils to the surface as it evaporates. That's why the leather feels stiffer - to both you and your horse. And that's exactly what happens when your equipment gets drenched.


    The solution to your rainy day ride and its potential damage to your tack is to take action to get some therapeutic oil back into that wet leather before its fibers completely dry. Remove dirt, sweat and mud from the wet leather with a damp rag. If the leather is really dirty or traces of old conditioner have floated to the surface, use a non-greasy, neutral pH leather cleaner to get the surface clean.

    Wet leather needs to absorb conditioner deep within its fibers to replace currying oils flushed out by water. While the leather is still damp and its pores are still open, apply a light coat of a penetrating neutral pH leather conditioner which duplicates the fat liquors tumbled with freshly tanned hides to make them supple. Capillary action will pull the conditioner down between the fibers. Thick or waxy conditioners tend to stay on or near the leather's surface, so look for conditioners with a neutral pH and avoid cleaners or conditioners with a harsh, alkaline pH. An alkaline pH, such as that of soaps, can damage and eventually weaken leather fibers. "
  7. don't worry about it, do you see cows run for cover when it starts to rain..... :p :LOL: they just stand out there, i never see them apply any special cleaning products after raining. They just let it dry out. :wink:

    8) hopefully that helps you out some :LOL: :LOL:
  8. You've inspired me. As soon as I get an opportunity, I'm going to massage my leathers with the Connolly treatment I have in the garage. :D :D :D
  9. well it didnt rain much:D

    almost went into the back of some guy that couldnt see me and changed lanes in built up traffic.. i wasn't splitting at the time, the guy with the 89 cbr250 saw it all!

    other than that good ride home nice and warm.

    thanks for the advice guys
  10. Let it dry NATURALLY!!!- No hanging it in front of heaters etc!-- And then apply RENAPUR LEATHER BALSAM, available from GOOD bike shops and / or saddleries!----This stuff is SCHMICK!!!-UNBEATABLE!!