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Ah, Love Those Scam Emails

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. so we advertised Tony's VFR on the usual places....and not 3 hours after it went up, in came the scam emails

    you know the drill: 'hi i am interest in you bike, but work in mines. please give me paypal account and I send payment but delete this email and delete your advert for no one else buy but me'

    first time i'd advertised a bike for sale in 5 years so i'd forgotten the joys of this haha!
  2. there must be suckers dumb enough to fall for it...or they would give up on this practice.

    if only 2% of people are dumb enough to fall for this.....maybe its still worth a $$$$ to the scammers over a year?
  3. reply telling them to delete themselves from the earth
  4. lol not bad :)
  5. the other thing that is frustrating with this, is that after the initial excitment (60 seconds worth) that you may a have a genuine sale.....then the reality hits you.
  6. Thank them for getting in contact as you have $20million waiting for them for an Uncle that passed away recently in Nigeria and all you need is their bank details and copies of birth certificates, licences and passports to finalise the transaction.
  7. Try typing the name they give you as theirs and 'scam' into a search engine.
    They can't even be bothered to make up a new one.
  8. I feel sorry for the poor ol' ACTUAL miners /off shore oil riggers that want to buy a bike!

  9. thats hilareous!!!! they could only buy new from a dealer.