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Ah! Exchanging the Cage trip for two wheels...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedNinja, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I just plain enjoy it and enjoy all the riding I can

  2. It's cheaper than my car

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  3. It's my only form of transport

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  4. All of the above

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  1. This morning was a fine morning to take my bike to work, instead of the regular lift I share with my girlfriend in her car. She's doing a training course today and so there was no lift to be had.

    I used to bike commute every day and had done for almost 5 years, rain, hail, fools, freak storms you name it, I didn't care. When I finsished my last job, I was looking forward to not bike commuting, I was very tired of it.

    It's amazing how a few months of a break can make it seem all so exciting again.

    I saw the regular bikers on their way to work, except this morning I got nodded at by them. I even got to said hello to a rider who has a custom tail mod from a R1 or R6 on his Yammie FZR1000, who I'd seen in traffic for months.

    Nothing special happended, just felt nice to have a morning burn to work.

    Hope all those that commuted on their bikes this morning did too :)

  2. You missed the option of "Because Public Transport Shits me to tears"
  3. i bike to work because
    1) cheaper
    2) no parking cost
    3) no traffic jam
    parking has gone to 11 bucks a day...
    petrol is about 117.9 per litre
    and the eastern fwy and hoddle street is aways packed
  4. But it is a lot warmer on a cold day :LOL:
  5. Cold I am not worried about, Wet may lead me to reconsider.
    But then again, I think I prefer wet to the tram line out of Kew (There are so many drivers who should not be on the road at all let alone in charge of a vehicle carrying lots of innocent civilians
  6. And it takes 15 minutes instead of 30 by car or 45 by tram.

    and it's ALWAYS more fun - even when it's pissing down rain :)
  7. Well I polled 'all of the above' even riding to work in the rain is better than sitting in the traffic in the cage :p

    Also explains putting 48000 k on the VTR in 18 months :LOL:
  8. Yep me too, I have only been commuting to the city by bike for a few weeks and have had the best weather, hope i don't jinx myself :shock:

    Looking at getting a one piece waterproof overalls to go over my leathers and draggins. Hopefully this will keep me dry enough, now is it the white bits that are slippery.
  9. I am definitely having the hang of it. :) . A week now of riding/commuting to work is sure fun, I always take the "long way 'round" on my way back home. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. I get free parking where I work now, but when I move in April, I think I will be using the bike a lot more often. :?
  11. Hahaha

    Public transport wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that it's bloody slow, it's always late and *sigh* :roll: the public.

    I agree it was an option in the poll that was missed.
  12. Hmmmm I was listening to a lecturer (yeah I am doing a couple of uni subjects) bemoaning the parking at Swinnie. I was laughing. I have a parking spot a hundred metres from the lecture at my work. Its my spot. I havnt started the car since last christmas. Always use either the pushy or the motorcycle. Mostly the pushy... its actually faster for this run. (As I said in the past I dont actually use pushy lanes on the motorcycle) And of course I need the training.

    Poor lecturer :(
  13. Late would be a good thing.
    When you rock up before the tram is meant to arive and watch it disapearing off into the distance it is a real F@#%@r
  14. Late would be a good thing.
    When you rock up before the tram is meant to arive and watch it disapearing off into the distance it is a real F@#%@r
  15. You've got it wrong...

    That was the earlier tram running late that you missed :LOL: :LOL:
  16. none of the above
  17. Hahaha :p

    Why do I suspect there is more truth to this than joke?
  18. Yep not only is it cheaper than the car but thanks to the nice wide roads around here I can usually shave a considerable amount of time of the trip (don't actually need to cross the centreline to overtake :grin:). That said I still don't mind driving some days - just crank up the stereo, turn on the a/c or heater, then just sit back and take my time :cool: (parking's never really an issue).
  19. Yep this happend to me move from a sales job and the buggers took my car park, parking in the CBD is an absolute rip off, bike parking is free :grin:
  20. Is it just me or should this be in a diffeent forum. :?