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Ah! Dusted off the VFR this morning...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I woke up this morning, blinked at the nice blue sky and decided to dust off the VFR and not go in the car to work.

    Used my ipod with ear buds too, was the first time I have ridden with music.

    All was going smooth and relaxed until Alien Ant Farm started playing, then ghost rider wanted a turn on the VFR....and poped a mono...

    What a great day, just wanted to share that. I love my bike.

    When is home time, I wanna another ride.... :LOL:

    Rubber side down, RN
  2. Missionary position? :grin:
  3. Hahaha no... But bless you...

    Bar-d Engrish... Strikey again....
  4. hmm ive never ridden with music plugged in.maybe i shouldnt.
    how long since you rode ninj?
  5. Its been over 8 weeks since I had the Viffer out for a spin. Sad really.

    I never bothered with music while riding before because earphones generally just fall out and when you stop the music is too loud, too quiet when moving etc.

    I got a set of Sennheiser CX500 earbuds off eBay ~$30 and they fit great and blot a lot of bike noise out. Which means you don't have the music very loud = no ringing ears. :grin:

    To be honest I really enjoyed it.
  6. Yup, one of my favourite things is to put some new music I'm into, on the ipod then go for a slow cruise (I use 'slow' here fairly liberally, I mean not 'fast'). Great to unwind.
  7. Red,
    Feel ya man!! :cool:

    Let it flow,
    A man and his bike are always soon reunited
    Take care

  8. This is probably one reason I stopped listening to music while ridding.

    I tend to speed abit too much while listenning to music.....
  9. I love your bike too RN! Thanks to the car breaking we are both on the VFR for the trip to work (YES!) RN disembarks in the city and I carry on to Sth Melb.
    This morning this is what happened as I continued my journey alone. A motorist attempted to change lanes without a head-check and nearly took me out, so I popped up the front wheel, set it down on his bonnet, started smoking up the rear wheel, all the while giving him the bird and laughing hysterically. What REALLY happened is, I rolled on and just went around him easy as that!! I love the VFR...
  10. Sure Sides, we all know what "REALLY HAPPENED"... :wink:

    When round him indeed...
  11. i tend to take the long way home almost every day from work so i can do a coastal run around the eastern suburbs of sydney, listening to my favourite tunes, lapping up the babes and the beach at bondi and getting some tilt on....

    love it