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AGV visor - Is this for PinLock or tear-off

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Al_Cam, May 23, 2013.

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    Hi all. Did my first commute today, 1 deg C at home and not much more most of the way - so visor was fogged instantly if I closed it. Not much fun for a Noob. I've got an AGV GP-Tech (only helmet that would fit my Predator shaped skull) and there are these 2 little black knobs on the outside of the visor, one each side near the pivot.

    I assumed they were for tear-offs, which I would only use commuting if I wanted to look like a complete tosser. But they aren't for Pinlock are they?

    Oh & Pinlock's website doesn't list the AGV GP-tech.

    Help anyone?

  2. go get yourself an antifog visor insert.........they are magic.
  3. Get a pinlock system , ring Peter Stevens see if they have them hanging on a rack upstairs [city store] worth every cent!!
  4. The black knobs are for tear offs. AGV is not on the pinlock website because they don't have a pre-installed pinlock version. You need to buy a pinlock kit and drill the visor yourself or get someone to do it.
  5. Thanks people. Have ordered a FogCity universal insert via Peter Stevens ($29.95).

    That's actually what Pinlock direct you to if they don't make one for your helmet (most AGV).

    Printed the template , looks like it might be a tight fit. Oh well we shall see.

    Looks like I'll have a runny nose again tomorrow morning.
  6. Ahhh I remember those days, my first ride ever in fact. Pinlock will help you immensely!
  7. With the Visor cracked open, the nose was getting the full 1deg wind. It was running like a tap when I got to work, dribbling all over the inside of my damned expensive new helmet.

    Hope the bloke on the huge bike in the lane next to me (Lower Heidelberg Rd) didn't think I was rude not acknowledging him. My tiny little bike & L plate made me feel inadequate.
  8. I had a huge fogging issue when I started, guess my breath is oddly hot. I tried Cat Crap which didn't work at all, tried the windex, didn't work. Finally got the FogCity insert, worked a charm. Was a teeny bit visually invasive but you get used to it quick.
  9. Did worry me a little, but can't wear my current glasses under the helmet, so may not even notice.
    Thought it may have been first commute stress-breath at first, but after a while the mirrors had completely fogged over so must have been the dew point or similar atmospherics.

    From skiing years ago that anti-fog sprays etc.. tend to be short term at best.
  10. On my AGV T2 I find that if I remove the chin curtain it doesn't fog most of the time. It would only fog when I'm stationary for a long time. I think the chin curtain is trapping the hot air coming from my nose in the helmet. And on my Shark Speed-R with the chin curtain in it would fog whenever I'm not moving, and no fog at all with no chin curtain.
  11. Thanks, I'll look at that tonight for tomorrow is supposed to be the same temperature.
  12. also if you wear a neck sock, bring it up ove your nose, so your breath even from your nose isnt directly effecting the small area, give it a crack
  13. Well this morning I had the neck curtain across the bottom pinned out of the way, but fog all over the outside was quicker than my breathe. I'll try RAIN-X on the outside for fog (& rain).

    Fogcity insert due on Tuesday.

    Will look at thumb, finger wiper too. Have a stack of clean microfibre cloths, so might see if could make up a little roll for my own home-made thumb wipe.

    How do the neck sock/nose covers work under a tight full-face? Mine pushes the cheeks in a bit - the wife says I look like a puffer fish.

    I'm also thinking about some sort of nose shield like the top off an industrial safety face mask as the gap in the helmet padding for the nose lets all the breathe come straight up - I noticed on the MotoGp on the weekend that the racer's helmets have black mouldings that seals off between the chin-bar and bridge of the nose. Don't imagine they want the visor to fog up at 320km/h at the end of the straight.

    Those boots & Kreiga bag are getting further away.
  14. Make sure the front of the helmet is not titlted down too much. The breath deflector on the helmet should be near your nose. I've seen people wear helmet so low at the front that you can see their mouth.
    Also I think Rain-X is not designed to used with plastic or whatever the shield is made out of and could possibly wreck it. There is a version for motorcycle helmet but I can't remember the name. I've heard of people using Rain-X on their helmet with no problem so it's up to you.
  15. Good point, I've a suspicion Rain-x is silicon based and that can be nasty muck & damned difficult to get rid of at times. I was actually thinking it might not be a good idea to use it on the outside if the Fogcity insert on the inside relies on adhesive properties (no pins).
  16. it's called total white out.
    you must use the force. study the art of the ancient jedi knights. then practice riding in carparks with a blindfold.

    smith or scott anti fog wipes available on the counter most reputable motorbike stores.
    rain x or dishwashing liquid is a wank.
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  17. I thought about trying that, but realised that until I can walk across the rice paper without leaving footprints, I may have some force applied to me.
  18. Update: Installed the Fogcity insert. Its a generic fit that uses adhesive only l no pins. Only just fits top to bottom between the helmets rubber seals for the visor. Sp when you open the visor it has to compress the seals slightly. Makes opening the visor almost a two handed job. I carefully chamfered the top edge of the insert which works a little better but it looks like the insert to visor seal is broken slightly every time open the visor. Didn't fog on the way home last night in the rain, so it does work - for now.

    Also made my own windscreen wiper blade attachment for my left index finger from a couple of inches of wiper blade & a piece of double sided Velcro. Actually worked.
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