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AGV TiTech Helmet with Blueant Interphone & Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Archived' started by gpxkermit250, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. **PRICE DROP 5/11/11** AGV TiTech Helmet with Blueant Interphone & Draggin Jeans

    Due to a break from riding at the moment (pitter patter of 2 x 2 little feet not far away) my bike has been sold, most of the gear as well…all that remains is below. Timing is a classic wowser as I only just upgraded a lot of my kit a year ago and I have hardly ridden since. Lucky for who ever buys it.

    4 SALE:
    AGV Helmet TI-TECH (Extra Small) with fully detachable Blueant Interphone installed:
    $275 down from $350 (will not seperate -its a great deal and you can on sell the intercom if you dont want it)

    Great condition. Never been dropped – happy to sign a stat dec stating so.

    1 pin head size paint chip above visor the only obvious blemish. Great colour scheme and it has always been stored in soft carry bag. Will throw in a polar fleece Cosymoto neck warmer for next Winter.

    In any other brand of helmet my head size is a small however for a very snug fit at the I time bought this brand new the XS felt great as well, so if you’re a small or XS size its worth considering. (link for demo purpose only)

    As listed the bonus offering with this helmet is the almost brand new Blueant Interphone Headset included. Worth easily $150+. Can use for mobile phone calls on the go or to pair with another Blueant.– A fantastic bit of gear that I have hardly used. Happy to give demo – show n tell etc…(link for demo purpose only)

    4 SALE:
    Draggin Jeans – Size 30 – Classic Design. Code # CA40263.
    $115 down from $150

    I have worn these only a few times and they are in ‘as new’ condition. Sizing chart included in link below however happy to measure from whatever point A to point B if you want. These jeans retail for $249 brand new. (link for demo purpose only)
    http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/classic for men

    Im located approx 5kms east of Melb CBD. PM for any questions/interest. Pick up preferred but if your out of town I will post and only add extra charge for what it costs to send. Cheers, Greg


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  2. AGV TiTech Helmet with Blueant Interphone & Draggin Jeans for sale

    additional pics

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  3. Another price drop!! AGV TiTech Helmet with Blueant Interphone & Draggin Jeans

    Hi all,

    Well a few nibbles but no sale many moons ago when I first posted ad. I didn't really pursue it as too busy and couldn't be bothered for ebay etc. I just need the gear gone to clear space for kids stuff and anything else that is being used at my joint as a clothes rack that should be put away.

    So a bit of Ken Bruce has gone mad discounting here, but as I said I just need to move it on so let me know If your interested via pm and try to keep the trigger happy haggling to a minimum as this is ridiculously cheap. Any within reasonable range considered. Anyhoot -

    Helmet $195
    Jeans $80

    Done.... Greg
  4. Jeans sold, Helmet still for sale. Same price, $195
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