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AGV TI-TEC 2008 model

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Willzah, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. MOD - Please limit your posts to 5 pics as per T&C's

    I bought it 2 months ago, on special; 2008 model run out.
    'meh, its only a different paint job' i thought.

    Even though i got it Cheap, keep in mind its a $600 RRP helmet

    First thing i noticed was the noise. It made a high pitch noise whenever i went over 60kph. Never had that noise problem with the AGV stealth. What i did like about it was the the wind stopper insert that you can put at the chin, not avaliable with the stealth.

    The chin vent was confusing to turn on and off, as it was a jsut a left to right switch and its very hard to tell if its open or closed, unless you had the chin piece in.

    The top vents didnt feel like they closed when you switched them to close, it felt like they were still opening making the whistling noise.

    When you open the vents it was quite noisy.

    It fogs up sometimes, but if you get some speed, the anti-fog vents, (vents which face onto the visor) slowly disperses the fog.

    Today i noticed one thing. build quality was not what i expected. when i first glanced i did notice how the metal vents were glued on but didnt think much of it. Now i see why i should of spent my money on something else.


    As you can see the metal bits are actually glued on.
    I have dropped the helmet before, BUT ive seen people who've crashed with their helmets and havent had bits break of like this. I believe this is wind damage, of all things vents which cant withstand wind....

    Off to PS i go to see what they say
  2. if the guys an ass...or depending on their mood....i can see them saying that you've had it caught on something thats yank'd the vent and therefore caused those fractures.
  3. Looks bad. I wish you luck with the retailer. Shouldn't happen to an expensive helmet.
  4. Nah they cant say i got it caught on something, both sides.

    Got it sent off for repairs/replacement

    now im helmetless for a while
  5. Willzah have had this exact same model for just on a year, I do not have the "whistling" noise you speak of nor the trouble with the front vent. Surely yours has "open" and "close" like mine does stickered on the front ?

    The top vents on mine seem to close just fine, I read the manual to see which way they should sit for open / close. Agree that the chin guard is excellent particularly now in winter, but yes i do get the fog you speak of except only small amounts to the lower edge of the visor. This does NOT happen when chin guard is removed, might I suggest getting their breath gaurd which covers your nose.

    Your top exit vents are (in my opinion) either faulty from manufacture or have been exposed to a foreign adjustment, I'm surprised you didn't badger your retailer to replace the helmet. AGV honoured a warranty issue on an earlier helmet of mine without query inside 7 days thanks mainly to the support of the retailer, I encourage you to persue better service levels from yours. Oh wait .... it's PS .... hmm good luck with that
  6. update.

    Cheers to guys at PS for getting AGV to honour the waranty.

    on 2nd thought. the stealth is just as noisy as the TI-Tech. and with out the chin wind stop its so much colder.

    the only other complain i have with the TI-tech for now is again the titanium vents. build quality should be better.

    Above: Rear Left vent as you can see is glued in inline with the helmet shell

    below: Rear Right vent. see how the vent is not glued inline with the helmet shell.

    we'll see how this helmet holds up.