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AGV Stealth Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ball_bag001, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Anyone had/got one of these? My Mrs is ready to buy one. After any reviews or comments good and bad!

  2. Yep, I got one.

    Not bad for the money, but could be better. the little plastic things that hold everything together at the top of the eyebrows comes apart all the time. A bit noisy, but I haven't ridden others to compare so it may well be normal. Visor is a bit tricky to get off, so changing to tinted and back often, becomes a problem. Personally I dislike double D fasteners, they're just a hassle.

    If I were getting a new helmet, which I will be soon, I would be looking at one of the ones with a quick release type of fastener like the Shark helmets (I think?).

    But the bottom line is, it's gotta fit her nice. They're all Aus Std's, so it has to be comfy to be able to wear it for long periods first and foremost IMHO.
  3. i'm looking at one of these oe a KBC VR2...

    still not sure which i like.. they both felt ok.... guess its back tot he shop for another teest fitting.
  4. Sorry mate I am a Shoei fan. :cool:
  5. VR2 is very average. The VR1 was much better, IMHO. VR2 had a bad mechanism for the visor (keeps breaking), no quieter and directs a jet of air straight into your eyes. It also didn't fit as well, but that might just be me.
  6. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but i think its better than making a new one.

    I'm also looking to either get the KBC VR2 or AVG Stealth.

    Which one is better quality?
  7. the one that fits you best, they are all good helmets.

    AGVPRO for me fitted ace.
  8. I ended up with the KBC VR2, the AGV was just the wrong shape for my lumpy noggin.

    Have found the KBC to be great around town but gets noisy at highway speeds, as it's my first helmet I can't make a comparison to anything else.

    bought some ear plugs and now all is well.

    Now just got to get a tinted visor... sun glare is a killer.
  9. I have a Stealth and IMO I think its too noisy and I think I would have been better getting the KBC gunslinger. The problem is as we all know is you cant take them for a test ride. So you have to take your chances.
  10. The KBC is still rather noisy. But it fits me better than the stealth.

    Ear Plugs solved the noise issue.
  11. Thanks

    The VR2 and the AVG Stealth are in my price range. I was talking to someone with a Stealth and he said at speed air comes in under the chin?

    What other good helmets should I be looking at for $350-$400?
  13. Hey there,

    I have the AGV Stealth, which I bought primarily because it fit my head more comfortably than several others I'd tried, including well above the price range. (I wasn't really limiting myself on price). That being said, airflow through the helmet is pretty good, which is nice on those hot days - especially as mine is black - and I've done a bit of touring in it and have found it comfortable to wear. Comfort is important! If it doesn't fit you well, then don't buy it.

    As for noise, I've ridden in many different helmets over the years, and its certainly not worse. It's certainly a vast improvement on helmets I had back in the 80's. There's most likely quieter helmets around, but if you find it too noisy, you can always take the earplug option ;-)

  14. VR2 does this as well
  15. Here's a picture of the latest stealth helmet.

  16. I dont see the picture
  17. Stealthy isn't it?

  18. How is the Shark RSF2i or Shark S800 S helmets?