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AGV k4 Gecko

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by hyo_duc, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. http://www.agv.it/prodotto.asp

    "i am loving the style of this helmet. AGV's sleek and slim lines appeal to me" This is what i am thinking in the store to myself when i first saw it. It stood out well!
    The helmet is a great fit for my head, but then why would i not get one which doesn't i guess. I must still say the Shoei helmets are amazingly comfortable but are a bulkier design
    Anyway on the road is what is important to tou guys n girls. The helmet obviously fits great however mold well to your head and doesn't move about at all. I love the trick extra clip which i can clip the rest of the neck tie up to. It sits nicely around the sides of the neck whilst leaving good breathing room in front. I do believe the venting system could be improved, it does de-fog quick but i do notice it does fog quick also... which isn't the best thing in the world. The vents do a relevant job in their purpose but ultimately as i said could be better as i tend to open the visor a smidgen to get the job done quicker. the front breathing area allows cold air n and can be annoying but if blocked, acts well in winter as the rest of the neck if fairly molded and tight.
    Ultimately i think the styling and fantastic Gecko color scheme and trick pearlscent graphics make up for any venting issue, and at $450 i find it a good buy... you need to pay more for a good venting system... and doubling up with a tinted visor looks ever more tough
    I think any playboy would love this helmet, its comfort and styling. And definitely in this price range it is hard to go past

  2. I have a K4 I am really impressed by this helmet
    It seems to be quieter than my Arai RX-7
    Only a couple of really small issues for me , my ears get a little sore after a long ride but this may subside when it has bedded in.
    The big issue I have is not with the helmet but the visor.
    The easy and very quick release is amazing so less complicated than the Arai, not a perfect seal at the bottom which sometimes has a slight whistle the BAD is I purchased a dark tint visor (to match the matt black what a stooge) the tint is really strange it is actually quite unsafe as it does not act like a pair of sunglasses it is like looking through grey fog.
    I found I was always lifting it up to see especially in low angle winter sun .
    When riding through tree lined roads where the sun dapples between bright and shadow it was very bad.
    I have gone back to a clear with sunnies.
    Has anyone tried the iridium AGV ?
    The Arai is amazing so if its any good I may give it a go.
    my 2 c
  3. hi
    funny you say that
    because i ended up buying a new black tinted visor for my helmet about 3 months ago.. and i have to say similar thigns in regards to lifting it up.. although i havnt yet to experience on a nice summer days light yet... so bring on summer but ill keep in the back of my mind if it is worth going back to the clear visor.
  4. thanks for the review. i have an older stealth and thinking of getting a new helmet. the K4 strikes me as an upgraded improved version of the stealth. i think agv must have increased the amount of shell sizes in their helmet line up. because the medium in the K4 looks a lot smaller than my medium stealth.
    iridium visor i have for my helmet is like veiwing through a light tint. would assume the k4 iridiums are the much the same. but jesus they're a biatch to keep clean. amazing how much smear removing one tiny bug can make.