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AGV K3 mesh chin-guard

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Big W, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Do any of you K3 users keep that friggin mesh chin-guard thing that attaches around the front bottom ridge of the helmet? Everytime I put on & remove the helmet the bloody thing goes flying!

    What is it for????
  2. My first helmet was an AGV and the hopeless way it attached means I left mine somewhere between here and Sydney just before Gundagai...

    Never bothered getting another one and my current helmet has a better attachment for it... Err don't think it actually comes off...
  3. Ha! Yeah I can predict this thing will pretty much do the same thing.

    I can't work out its purpose though? The flimsy piece of mesh material only stops the dribble & snot from leaking out & running down my neck!
  4. I have a K3 and that little mesh bit never gets in the way for me, It occasionally get's loosened if I put on my helmet in a rush but otherwise it's fairly solid I reckon. Maybe I just got luck though.
  5. Mine moves too , it's a pain in the a.ss .
    I think it is supposed to stop some updraft wind or some shit like that , I don't really know if it works but yep , it shits me too !
  6. I notice a huge difference between my helmets - with/without the guards.
    Cuts down a lot of updraft.
  7. wouldnt like to be without it in winter, your face just freezes up.

    It comes in handy in dusty areas as well.
  8. I got the k4 and I could barely remove that chin guard by hand. Then again my helmet is new and hasnt been worn in yet.
  9. it's called a chin curtain.
    you will learn to appreciate it after a few hours on a highway.
  10. purpose. thats the area that actually gets the most air rushing in and a hollow cavity with air rushing past, therefore generates most of the helmet noise.