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agv helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dgmeister, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. i just got this new agv helmet and its pretty cool
    except when i'm going like 160kph and look to the side
    the visor pops open, not cool!

    visor should stay shut!
    (especially at high speed)
  2. Stop looking in shop windows.
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  3. youre going too slow!!
  4. yeah, thats just going down to the corner store
  5. do you have a visor lock?

    was pretty funny the other day a guy was riding and his helmet didnt have a visor lock and it flew open at 180kittens per hour ish and blew out his sunny lenses. Was pretty funny to watch from behind.
  6. Which AGV? They are usually pretty good, my Stealth has never come open, even when cracked open.
  7. its the K3 $189
    i got it for the paint job

    the helmet itself fits good etc. but the visor is the issue

    just has the regular clicker adjustments for the visor, but it doesn't hold down at speed
    (say you turn your head for a headcheck)
    the visor also has a blurry spot right in the middle of your high speed (tucked in) vision

    not acceptable, i am taking it back, at least to get a new visor
    my old M2R is heaps better

    hopefully the issue is resolved after fitting a new(er) visor
  8. same thing used to happen on mine until I broke the attachment system (my fault) on the right hand side. No such issue now lol
    I did notice on more expensive models though, that the detents were definately firmer
  9. they gave me a different visor, which i can actually see through, which helps.

    still pops up though.
    I have adjusted the 'attachment system' by loosening the screws to move it a little,
    and re-fixing the screws= seems to be 'firmer'

    i will ride it and let you know