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AGV Helmet Stockists in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by samo, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Anyone know any places in Melbourne that stock AGV helmets? I'm looking for the Horizon.

    Apparently Peter Steven's used to stock it but not anymore according to their website.
  2. AMX have AGV helmets - I'm not sure about the Horizon model though.
  3. AMX had a few agv's last time i was in there, not a huge range, 3 or 4 models. Ring around to their stores and check before you ride out though, they're always changing their lines.
  4. Thanks guys I'll give AMX a call, MCAS don't have any stores in Melbourne and I really want to try it on.
  5. AMX has

    AGV Rossi replicas for $200
    AGV K4 composite for $250
    SHARK S600 for $200
    SHARK S700 for $299
    X-SPEED for $120

    keilor - 03 - 93315050
    bayswater - 03- 97298000
    lynbrook - 03- 87878700
  6. I've got a Horizon mate, Not the best helmet.. Whistles like crazy at speed and the internal sun visor doesn't go all the way into the helmet so it bobs around in the top of your vision when your not using it..

    Id be going for the Shoei GT-Air if you want the internal visor..
  7. Ah cheers, the GT-Air looks good but a lot more expensive. Also have the Nolan N86 and Shark Vision R Series 2 on my list.
  8. rule of thumb is: your heads only worth as much as your helmet.

    trust me you dont want a cheap helmet, so hold off and keep saving for a good brand
  9. Peter Stevens still stock AGV, not everything they have is on their website. Just FYI if its closer to you.

    I have a Shoei GT-Air and can vouch for it, awesome helmet! The internal sun visor isn't fog resistant though.
  10. No probs mate.. Just go to the stores and try them on.. The shark is a nice helmet, the fit is weird on me though..
    I'm with M.R.T save up and get a decent one..
  11. Will make a day of trying them all out. The GT-Air only scored three stars on the SHARP tests, the others are all 4. The others are also pretty reputable brands so I don't think I can justify the extra on the Shoei.