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AGV Grid Stigma Helmet Blue (Large) literally brand new

Discussion in 'Archived' started by stickers, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have an AGV Grid Stigma (Blue) which I bought early this year but have not worn it out to ride before. It is literally brand new. had it on fleabay for awhile and figured no one buys helmets off it.

    It was a helmet I was saving up to wear once I became more confident in riding, but I've been using my other helmet(s) ever since.
    I have tried it on less than 5 times in total and thought it fit quite snugly.. and I made sure I was clean when I tried it and not all sweaty, that's it.
    I've never ridden in it or had it on longer than a minute.

    The helmet has not been dropped, knocked, hit or scratched and doesn't have a single mark on it guaranteed.
    Has never seen the outdoors nor a motorcycle and still has a very strong 'new helmet smell'.
    It has always been kept in its protective bag and taken out once in awhile to admire.

    Apparently I'm not a Large and have been buying the wrong helmet for over a year. My other AGV helmet now seems a little loose after being worn in.
    Hence I'm afraid that once I use this, it'll end up being loose as well and thus I have to regrettably part with it.

    Has the AS1698 tax sticker.
    The date of manufacture as stated on the helmet is 09/2011.

    Hopefully it would go to a better home.
    Inspections are welcome for the flawless exterior and interior condition but ideally you would know your size already or have bought helmets before so i would appreciate if you do not try it on.

    For those who want a better method to judge size, measure your head at different locations for the widest circumference and it's a good indication for your size.
    I came in at 58.5cm which was borderline between medium and large, and i went for the more comfortable fit when I should have been a medium.

    Asking price is $300 which isn't too much I hope. If not i'll just save it for when my head grows larger. :(




Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.