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AGV GP Pro Helmet Breath Deflector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Boofhead, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Hi there,

    I bought a brand new AGV GP Pro helmet from Peter Stevens on the weekend. It comes with a breath deflector, which i was lead to believe was removable, as some of the display helmets had it removed and so too did mine.

    But when i got home i had a look at it carefully and noticed that it previously had glue on it and that it looks like it has been broken off as some of the material from the helmet is stuck to the defector.

    I checked other stores and they were all firmly fixed onto the helmet.

    I know what the rule is about exchanging helmets once it leaves the store, so what can i do in this case as i have never worn it apart from trying it on in the store? Is this a warranty issue or should i just use some super glue?

  2. take it back express your concerns regarding said issues.
    If they tell politely to piss off, go with you second option and use that glue.
    If it is not supposed to be a removeable item, you can view that as a workmanship issue which could be covered under warranty.
  3. Peter Stevens should replace it they would claim it on Warranty.

    Hassle Johnny O about it for his advise, he works at P. Stevens. Ringwood
  4. Hey boofhead, Out of curiosity how did you go with your breathguard?

    I too recently purchased a GP Pro and the breathguard pretty much fell out of the box. While the instructions seem to indicate that the guard should be removable, the pictures reflect a different type of guard to the one I have.

    At the end of the day I just glued it on myself as I use it all the time anyway. In any case the thin bit of plastic that constitutes a GP guard doesn't compare to a Shoei or dare I say it the look of a shark and it's not a good reflection on AGV.

    Love the way the GP Pro fits though
  5. mmmm glue in a helmet! :tantrum:

    Yeah mine came off as well, lost the little bugger a year ago. Doesn't seem to make a difference??? :?
  6. mine has a removable guard with 3 little tabs that slot into the helmet