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Agressive Female Drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UglyFish, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I have been noticing that particularly female cage drivers are becoming increasingly aggressive over recent times. Is that other people’s experience?

  2. pics or it didn't happen.
  3. I think all CAGE drivers have become aggressive.
  4. I see females with their new cars drive quiet well...but those who drive banged up excels or corollas tend to speed and swerve.

    but majority of cagers do tend to drive more aggressively.

    phong =P~
  5. I'd say equal parts aggressive Bitche5 and straight calm safe girls.

    I just watch out for P platers more, ego's in P plater drivers are usually 10 times bigger then most other drivers and their urge to try race or make sudden lane changes make them a bigger danger.

    But yeah, the smarter you are the more you realize what the dangers on the road are...

    Darwin I <3 U
  6. I come accross big Mumma and her bmw tractor every morning in brighton on my way home from work, Apparently there all in a rush to get there kids to school so they can head down the yacht club for a few drinks and chit chat , then onto some shopping in south yarra spending all hubbies money :LOL: Bumped into a famous retired cricketer's wife one morning dropping her kids of in her big Ass monster truck, she nearly took me out and i was angry but then realised who it was and gave her a nice salute and a bit of show us ur T*&s and ya pink B*&S :LOL: She didnt take to that kindly though :LOL:
  7. Some people get offended easily :LOL:
  8. Yep. I'm more scared of women drivers than male ones.

    From having paid close attention to Sydney drivers for a year or so, I have come to the conclusion that most women are, in fact, bird-witted and incapable of thinking more than about two seconds ahead. Whenever I see someone do something patently stupid for some immaterial benefit (e.g. for the sake of a single car length in scarcely-moving peak-hour traffic, to dive up a merging lanes in an excel or other hairdresser-shitbox, to almost cause an accident upon swerving back into the traffic without having looked) it is invariably a woman at the wheel.

    Yes, I am serious, and no I am not sexist. This isn't a priori; it is the result of scientific and impartial study :p Try it next time you're in a car, and I think you'll find that what I say is confirmed.

    Edit: A flaw in my study just occurred to me: I live in the inner city, so I don't see many of the natural counterpart to idiot women drivers: tradies. Selection bias!
  9. It appears to me that young female drivers are quite aggressive on the road. I saw some research recently that showed that women are increasingly being arrested for violent and aggressive behaviours (historically male type crimes).
    The same research also suggested that portrayals of violent females in the media has increased, too. Suggesting the so called "Girl Power" version of feminism is in some ways responsible (contentious, I know).
    Some years back, researchers noticed an increase in portrayals of males acting violently in the media and in the same period male violent crimes increased. Coincidence, maybe?
    I do believe in equality, but members of the smarter sex you don't have to be as equally as stupid as us guys. Being aggressive does not equal feminist principles (I'm married to an academic feminist)
    So, the TWO most aggressive drivers I watch out for when riding are 25-40 year old male Tradies in their vans/utes and young 18-25 year old female drivers. Both are as aggressive as each and both are more than likely to be using a mobile phone whilst driving. Oh, I also watch out for Camry drivers, they just suck :grin:
  10. and then they go and sook on TV when you whip out the old sawn off
  11. I would completely agree with this, except i really think you can't put people in boxes. But i have noticed that many more young girls are driving with complete disregard for other road users and the road rules, and they are usually in small cars.
  12. The best part is when they nearly knock you off you get a little giggle and they continue talking on phone, doing make up, fighting for a car space etc.

    At least they're good looking so when you do get knocked off you will have a pretty face to wake up to (presuming she stops of course!) :LOL:
  13. Perhaps if you get a female driver more concerned with applying her lipstick or chatting on her mobile, to the point where they just about collide with you then perhaps you should roll up next to them at the next set of lights, lean on their door mirror while you wait and then... take off with their door mirror... :p
  14. Edit: A flaw in my study just occurred to me: I live in the inner city, so I don't see many of the natural counterpart to idiot women drivers: tradies. Selection bias![/quote]

    Ah yes - tradies - try riding along Greens Road towards Carnbourne at 7:30 am on any weejday and all the dim witted knuckle draggers in their utes think they're on a race track - too bad they cant take corners but whet the heck, lets cut across the bends anyway who cares if I take out that bike rider . - Frikin fruits
  15. girls have always had the same capability for aggression as guys, the only thing that changes over time are the situations in which they are aggressive.
  16. had one in a rust bucket try and squash me against a concrete barricade as i went to filter past on the left of him, so i tried the right side instead and he promptly jerked the wheel to the right.

    he was burly and looked as though he was spoiling for a fight. i'd just picked up my lunch and didnt want to let it get cold in the likely case that he'd jump out and offer me his fists.

    in the end i sat back and gave him plenty of room.
  17. Driving with mum is a slow process i have discovered :eek: but being in the car with my sister, well thats a different story all together :LOL: its like being in the Paris to Dakkar rally :driver: :LOL:
  18. Let's just hope females don't start becoming tradies in statistically significant numbers, otherwise I'm going to either (a) sell my bike or (b) buy $1million of life insurance. :LOL:

  19. I agree, young female drivers are the most aggressive road users these days. I reckon it's all to do with the "girl-power , I can do whatever a guy can do" thing.
    Only problem is young males have been killing themselves with this behaviour for years so it's hardly a pattern of behaviour to follow!!
    I pissed one off the other day by slowing down and leering at some teenage school girls whilst being tail-gated by an aggressive female P-Plater, she went ballistic.... ha!