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Agip 4t 10w - 60

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Pikey, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Im have been searching for the the elusive mana, that is Agip racing 4t 10w-60 engine oil. anybody know where to buy it in Sydney?
    any help would be much appreciated!

  2. any one stock this in eastern suburbs?
  3. You posted a search for oil in the "Bling and Appearance Section"?
    What are you doing with it - painting the shit on?
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  4. I tried for ages to get Agip oil for my Vespa cause thats was what the factory recommended , after searching far/wide/phone/net , i gave up , have been told by some that its not the greatest of oils anyway , but like other companies , he who spends the most on ads will sell the most , well once anyway , Agip is very big in Italy etc but is only considered to be the Holden/Falcon of engine oils.
  5. oils is oils you can get motul, shell castrol etc that stock motorcycle oil of various qualities, none of it is any better apart from branding. Don't be sucked in.
  6. Pay less change more
  7. my company use to be the only dealer in AUS that supplied all Agip oils.. we no longer do as the price sky rocketed and agip wanted us to order 6 container ships off them a month...

    but in saying that not once did we ever hear a problem with the oil..
  8. Who do you work for ?
  9. I think Amsoil does a 10w-60. I get my batched delivered by Uber Drive 0423-131-170
  10. would rather not say on an open forum so i sent you PM
  11. Funny this thread has just come up. Agip is the recommended oil for my Shiver and I was looking around on the weekend for some but its no where to be found.

    From searching the aprilia forum it looks like many recommend the Mobil 1 4T and claim its makes for "silky smooth changes".

    Is it really the case that an oil can have such a noticable effect if you are just riding on the road? Would it not be the case that the recommended oil be best or is this just a pure marketing exercise?
  12. It is purely a marketing exercise. Just use whatever oil you like that is; motorcycle specific and within specified temperature ranges.

    Also, change it regularly and on time. That's all.
  13. you could also try www.carsrus.com.au i think you need to talk to Shane. They do mail order.