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Aghhh, it's alive, ALIVE!!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Almost... My project Spada is getting another Donor. As some of you know, Im a nutter for these great little bikes, and have three already. A fourth one just joined the nest, this one already had some major modifications to it. A mate just went up to brisbane and bought it, $1200, and i will rip it apart and put it towards making the ultimate Spada Of Death, or something...
    Im going for a streetfighter/cafe racer/minimalist look, and when I'm done with it it will be all black (frame, engine, fairings and components) with a subframe that can be removed and changed to stock in minutes.... This pic is of wht it looks like now, but will be very different and better built when I'm done. Im also thinking of using a lot of leather (black) to cover the tank, fairing and front guard for something different... Thanks to member MrDelini who I will get to do the tailoring.
    Let me know what you think, especially if you have a Spada. BTW, I have lots of spare bits that I will be donating/selling to owners who need them over the next few weeks... I'm bloody exited! Check out the other pics in my garage.

  2. Careful upholstering fuel tanks, petrol eats contact cement.
    Otherwise, party on dude!
    Shpadas are cool little bikes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Oh no, I will not apply leather straight to the tank... MrDelini (NR memebr as of today) will tailor something nice that is removable, like a tank bag.
  4. Keep us informed (with pics) as ya project progresses matey. :wink:
  5. Hi, Yeah I saw that Spada for sale on Ebay, mean looking bike!

    I could be in the market for a headlight and exhaust, and come to think of it a left clip-on...so if any are not needed, Pick me, Pick me!! :grin:

    Yeah keep us posted with pics as the project progresses.. Gotta love the Spadas :grin: !
  6. Saw it on Ebay as well!!

    I like the tank, but that rear end is just shocking!!-Like one of those dogs with it's tail clipped off :eek:
  7. I like the sound of the project dude. Definately keep us posted with pics as it progresses. hmmmm, wonder if a headlight cover would work with the whole black thing too? They look sexy on the R6, but I spose Spada headlights just don't have the same effect! :)
  8. Yes, its the look im after, a hunched, pit bull like shape.. Its the only sort of thing to make the bike look tough. I like Ugly-beautiful bikes. The inspiration for the leather comes from this sick ride:

    ...The Black Dogo is like the Argentine Mastif, sinuous and powerful, light and tenacious. The front end of the bike is snub and aggressive, the back lean with a short, curved mudguard. The mufflers and seat are short and compact. The tank is covered by elephant leather and has elasticized bands to carry various objects and travel gear. The rear view mirrors have been substituted with video cameras and the instrument panel with a monitor: solutions up to now unavailable on a production motorcycle....

  9. So you're wanting a bike dressed as a gimp???? We can arrange that! :p
  10. YES.... My bike will be my submissive slave! Ha ha ha haaar! (evil laugh)...
  11. ohmygod my brother is turning into mad max
  12. hmmm I wish I knew that there was some one who could make a tank bra and a tank bag b4 I put down a deposit on a Bagster bag... $460!!

    And I'm also looking at picking up a "project" Spada in winter...
  13. i can hook you up with your leather accesories. or just PM MrDelini, cos he's the man. BTW, I should have a spada for you too.
  14. saw ya bike yesterday, cookie came past my place to pick up your riding gear. the rear fender looks kinda cool, it just needs a good paint job ... i reckon a high gloss finish, maybe gold frame and black fenders, or like you said burnt orange fenders and black frame. hurry up and get your ass back on the road!
  15. yeah yeah yeah..... burnt orange... burnt orange
  16. hows about all black frame/swingarm/fork lowers/calipers/lights... everything, with burnt classic ducati orange, with two dirty black GT stripes? Everything is on hold cos i've destroyed my wrist/arm/hand.
  17. What did you do to yourself??? heh heh, let me loose on it.... I'll be your apprentice!
  18. It's obviously been a fair while between posts but has there been any other progress on this bike N2BN?

    I'm thinking of having a go at my Spada (not sure what I'll do yet) when I get the cb900 back in a few weeks time.