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Aggressive Tailgaters?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AdamR33, May 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am having a bit of an on going issue with one particular cager on my peak hour commute home and would like some advice (and to vent grrr).

    To set the scene, I ride home along beach road (in Melbourne running from the city down the eastern coast for out of towners) from Elwood to home.

    I generally ride in the left lane due to the fact that cagers tend to stay in the right cause there are parked cars every now and again and they cant be bothered lane changing. This is good for me cause it leaves the left lane empty and cause the right is packed it travels at about 50-60km/h.

    Unfortunately the left lane also attracts people who are in a mad rush to get home and watch big brother or something, so when there is empty space they jump in and race along and change back when there is a parked car.

    Twice this week and once last week I have had this dude who is hell bent on winning the apparent race to be first home. All three times he comes right up on my rear wheel and starts flashing his lights etc. So far my response has been basically to stay my course and try and ignore him, a couple of times he is still there when I get to my turn off, I put my indicator on early and ride the rear brake but it doesnt seem to get through to him.

    When he has gotten around me, he will cut back into my lane far too closely and speed off into the distance.

    - Speeding up is of no help cause he speeds up as well, plus it makes things more dangerous,
    - Changing into the right lane and letting him go is a possibility but can be difficult in heavy traffic

    I'd just like some ideas on dealing with him and other agressive people like him (in a legal way of course, I have had plenty of illegal thoughts :p). He makes my blood boil though to the point where I would like to introduce him to my fist.

    Another thought I had was reporting him to the authorities (maybe the Hoon hotline)? Although I dont know if that will actually do anything.

  2. Yeah, reporting wont do anything.

    When you get a consistent tailgater (ie more than a few seconds) you must get away from them, a few options how
    - Out accelerate; throttle is on the right, bikes are fast, smash it and get out of there
    - Out manoeuver; bikes are small and can get places cars can't - filter through traffic or split to the front of the next traffic lights, that'll surely get rid of them.
    - Change lanes, if you're on a multilane road just change lanes and let them past
    - 'You're an asshat aren't you' technique; if the other options are not possible then stop and pull over off the road to let them past. Because its not worth it.
  3. I ride the same bit of tarmac home when I'm coming back from work, and the very reason why I leave work very early or late to avoid the peak hours of traffic and the mania that goes with it.

    The person you are encountering is an a$$hole with no consideration for others. There is nothing you can do on the road that makes the situation any easier as such a bully thinks only of themselves.

    Best you can do is record the actions, time and date and licence plate and report it to the police. Maybe they might get off their behinds and patrol that section for a while and pick him up or perhaps have a "little chat" to him at home. Perhaps you could phone up the Traffic Management Unit and ask for their advice.

    Barring that, carry some appropriate "hardware" and terminate with extreme prejudice next time you encounter said individual :)
  4. "dob in a hoon" .... ??
  5. If I were in a car, I'd probably slow down (since he consistently does it to you) and relax, maybe hang my arm out the window (because I'm in no hurry, right? ..Well not anymore)

    I'd say the next time you see a police patrol along that strip of road, pull over and have a chat to them (If they're stopped), or ring the station and ask what you should do about it.

    Also, give them his license plate and when/where the incident occurs, and hint that you'd like them to talk to him.

    If it's causing you stress, then it's worth doing something about it.
  6. id go with the fist idea..
  7. Yes I forgot the other option which is slowing down to almost no kms an hour to get the message across - and may be necessary if the idiot doesn't get the message.
  8. I happen to be working down that way at the moment :grin:
  9. Pneumatic Potato Cannon fun?

    He must be a real nut if he's flashing his lights.
  10. :-w
  11. One thing that did happen today was that when he was right behind within a distance i considered too close to start with, i turned around and looked back at him and gave him a "wtf" sort of gesture, to which his reply was to close the gap and give me some light flashing.

    I cant say I am scared of him personally, but car vs bike collision the bike always loses and that is of concern.
  12. Even if his intention is not to hit you with his car, one mistake is all it takes. You're right to be wary, it's a dangerous situation.
  13. I reckon he could make your CBR125 airborne!!

    Things to try:
    • 1) Since he's on your butt and wouldn't be able to stop in time, it is now up to you that if something happens in front, you have to be able to stop safely with him riding your ass. Basically you have to leave more space in front since he wouldn't have time to react if you go for a stoppie.

      2) When I have someone riding my ass, I apply the front brake just enough that it clicks (puts on the brake light) without actually applying the brakes. I'll just ride along happily clicking it. It can be your reply to him flashing his lights.

    The smartest thing to do is just to slow down and make sure you can both stop in time. Move into the right lane to let him pass when you can.

    Most importantly dont let yourself be distracted by him. The last thing you want to do with him on your arse is end up going for a stoppie because you spent too much time looking in your mirrors
  14. Slow down. :)

    He's trying to intimadate you because he's in a rush. That rush is the same reason he won't deliberately hit you as he realises a crash will only slow him down. This is why you can relax slightly.

    The tailgating itself is dangerous because at the speed you are traveling, he doesn't have the reaction time to avoid hitting you if you have to brake suddenly. For your own safety you need to create that reaction time for him. Since widening the gap is not possible, the best option is to reduce the speed. Should he be too stupid to realise that not tailgating you is faster than riding your arse with lights flashing (he probably won't) then at least you now are traveling at a safe speed for his behaviour. :)

    Once you slow down he has two options. He can back off (not likely) or he can change lanes and go around you (more than likely). If he goes around you, be sure to make sure he gets past. You are only concerned for your safety by slowing down, not trying to irritate the wanker. :wink:

    Remember to reduce your speed slowly so he can respond in turn. If you just slam on the brakes you may get rear ended by an unsuspecting tosspot. It'd be his fault but it'd still hurt so be careful. :)
  15. wait for a parked car.
  16. Then flick the bike into the right lane at the last second, and hope he doesn't see the parked car?

    Great idea JD!
  17. NEVER get into a d!ck dance with cars because you will not win.

    Yes, I'm guilty of venting at one driver in particular who tried to run me into oncoming traffic, but it won't end your day just to let him through.

    You will not win. Not much point hanging on to the moral high ground without the use your limbs. Yes it's the worst case scenario, but I don't gamble and that is precisely what you do when you engage someone who obviously has problems with aggression.
  18. Take a tennis ball with you in your jacket, next time he does it, throw it over your head into his window, hopefully it will get him to back off, if he does it again the next day, throw a rock :D. Just a silly idea I thought of, being bored at work does silly things to peoples creativity.

    (Not said in seriousness)
  19. Problem is, what if he reacts by planting the accelerator and ramming the bike?

    Not that I can talk - when I'm caging and someone's tailgating, I open the sunroof and flick those little Eclipse mints out. Tends to make people think my tyres are flicking rocks up or something... :p
  20. What a waste of good mints! :LOL: