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Aged tyres

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by sbk_750, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. I came across this while going through some work files tonight, thought it may be interesting reading.

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  2. it goes on..

  3. and on...

    This is from a guide for passenger tyres, not sure if it relates to M/C tyres, but knowing the industry I'd say yes.
    Anyone got a Bridgestone they can look at to verify?
  4. For most manufacturers the maximum recommended shelf life of passenger car tyres is 7 years. Personally I would not touch a 7 year old tyre even if it has been stored properly.

    For "R-Comp" or semi-slick car tyres, usually with a UTQ wear rating of less than 100, maximum usable life is about 3 years. Chemically these are quite different to "everyday" tyres as they are designed to form a momentary bond with the road surface at operating temperature.

    From my limited experience, I expect decent bike tyres are more like performance car tyres than your average passenger car tyres.

    I tend to go through tyres fast enough that they don't get the chance to die from old age. :D
  5. Unlike fine wine, tyres do not improve with age and should be consumed young.
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    Ohh so just like women then?
  7. No women are more like wine. The good ones definitely improve with age. The bad ones just turn to vinegar.