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Aged riders,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. How many Aged riders are on here, Over 60,
    How long you have been riding,
    What do you ride,
    Do you intend giving up riding soon,

    I am 63,
    Been riding 47 years,
    Honda Blackbird,1100XX
    When they prise my cold dead fingers from the handle bars,
    Keeps me fit, young, alert, attentive,
    And its FUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  2. 61
    I rode from 1974 to 1985 then 2005 to the present
    '98 Honda Hornet, 152,000 kms and going strong
    and so am I
  3. 61 (nearly 2)
    Started riding in 1974
    Rode straight through till October last year.
    Retired after the head-on with a truck.
  4. Seven years to go.......
  5. Under 50. I just feel like I'm 70
  6. Speaking for my old man:
    57 this year, rode from about 14 through to when i was 5 which means... he was 34.
    Stopped due to my mum nagging, now she is (thank ****) gone, he got back on the two wheels the same time as i got my Ls in Dec 2009, and is having easily as much fun as me on it.
    His work might be sending him to NT to work in the outback with a 4WD/light aircraft rather then a bike, so necessity might cause him to give it up for the most part - but he doesnt WANT to :p.
    Told him ill keep his bike running for whenever he has the opportunity to get back to it, which i suspect he will take up in the coming months as i move up to gladstone.
  7. As I'm only 59 does that make me one of the young riders????

    Got legally back on a bike in 2004.
    Started riding in 1970's
    Too many bikes to list
    Currently on a 750 American Classic
    Nope not giving it up, never, niet, nope, nien.
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    Nope. 25 here. Riding for 3 years, and hopefully at least 30 more.

    Guess I'll get out of the thread now and leave you old fogies to whinge about kids these days...

  9. 62 (nearly 63)
    Been riding 51 years
    Kawasaki ZX14 (a real man's bike)
    Giving up?, no way, can still open the filler cap.
    Keeps me fit and alert (good training looking round corners and in the bushes)
  10. I'm still a young wippersnapper but I'll be riding until I physically can't anymore, I would put good money on it.
  11. Don't figure you'll have a choice in that, young'un. You'll have to.:LOL:
  12. Whadda ya mean aged?

    I've been riding since 1969. Started on an AS1 125cc Yamaha, then a Bultaco Metralla, then a couple of CB450 Hondas and then RD 350 and 400 Yamahas and an R75/5 BMW and a whole lot since including a Lambretta scooter, ex police BMW, SHarley Sportster and others.

    Most interesting bikes were the Bultaco (definitely the best handling bike ever) and a Montesa Capra (basically an motocross bike with lights).
  13. I bought My Bonnie in 1968, Rode it for 17 years, Ended up fully chopped with an 8 over front end,
    Magic machine, Hundreds of thousands of Klms on it,
    Been riding a 500 single AJS Sole speedway machine for 3 years prior to that, The bike was just not competitive for racing so I went road bike,
    500 pounds for a JAP motor was out of my league as an apprentice, Hahahahaaha
    Aged is what the youngys call us, Old fogies ETC ETC
    I might be old, but I am not slow, Hahahahahahaha
  14. My uncle, 68 this year, has made 3 or 4 trips to north and south america over the last 2 or 3 years, spending about 3 months at a time rideing an old KLR650 everywhere. Local Ulysses club has a few nutters that are some of the best "fast" riders I have personaly seen.
  15. This thread about aged riders and another about young blokes on cruisers is making me feel very middleaged - I'm off the buy a Ducati
  16. I am 54,been at it since I was 10 on and offroad.How do you stop ridding,its what makes me tick.
  17. I learnt to ride when I turned 50 (am 53 now). Absolutely the best thing Ive ever done for myself. I just wish I had started many years ago but better late than never.
  18. I'm 56 and recently returned to riding and wish I had done it earlier.

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  19. 61 in a couple of weeks.
    Been riding in fits and starts since about 1971.
    BMW R1150RT
    I have no intentions of giving up riding at all ... I'm sure that's a decision my body will make for me.

    My bro-in-law (10 years my senior) has done a round Australia trip in the last 12 months and is "riding Alaska" this year. Hope I can do as well.
  20. HAD the Ducati near 26 years =D>=D>
    I'm only just over 50 but combined bike and rider comes to 83 does that count :beer:

    Oh and NO BREAK in riding except for a broken leg and prostate cancer removal totalling 6 months of sonce 1980 :)