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Aged Based Speed Limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gazza157, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,17898875%5E910,00.html

  2. I vote for an increase of 10kph over the limit per decade. We Nonagerians would rule the road again!
  3. what a load of goddamn bullshit :roll:

    multiple speed limits is MORE dangerous. everyone needs to be moving at the same kinda speeds or you get problems on the road. some people really dont fuggen think do they :roll:
  4. Worst. Idea. EVER! </comicbookguy>

    That's just going to cause MORE problems.
  5. as if the caravans and old guys with hats already doing 20 under the limit arent enough problem ..... now they want teenagers to do it too ?? holy crap thats carnage in the making .... i bet they would see a dramatic rise in the number of head on accidents
  6. Bloody hell - you'd have speed differentials of at least 40kph on highways or freeways. A sure fire recipe for disaster. This guy is an idiot.

    The SA research that they misquote for the "wipe off 5" stuff also found that risks increase as speed drops below the general traffic speed. It's differential speeds that can cause major problems.

    Can you image what 70k limits would do to traffic congestion on major arterial roads and freeways... :roll:
  7. Twas exactly what I thought.

    If you continue to read it goes into limiting speed limits of cars as well. From factory.
  8. More evidence that despite the best efforts of the public service recruiters to screen them out, knobs are still infiltrating our government departments.
  9. Absolute bollocks!
    It's been known for decades, by road engineers and researchers that really bother to look at the issue, that it's SPEED DIFFERENTIAL (the difference in speed between road users), not absolute speed, that causes the greatest number of crashes. This really is a dangerous suggestion.
    This is just another case of someone, with no special knowledge of the subject, but who feels a sense of authority, trying to make up rules without really understanding how they will impact in the real world.
    Needs to to educate himself on the subject, or SHUT UP :evil:
  10. cant u lot remember ..they had multi speed limits in vic years ago ... p platers could only do 80 ks at one point
  11. We still have it here in SA P platers and L platers can only do 80km/hr
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  13. Yet another lame misguided opinion focusing around speed, which is 7th on the statistical list of what actually causes accidents...
  14. True but think how much harder it would be to do speed traps :grin: youd have to pull people over and check their ages :LOL:
    Im sure they would come up with some kind of "age plate" but still.
  15. This guy is a total moron..

    He should be in politics.
  16. Bwahahahahahaha

    This is what happens when you get people from Western Australia to recommend how to curb our road toll...

    Rather than fix our 8+ yr (I think i was last told it was $60-$80 Mil) backlog in road works, Mike Rann the ever knowing all prosperous leader approves $60 Million worth of speed cameras to curb the problem... Hmmmmmm I don't think speed cameras are saving lives then because they are publicising abosolutely whack plans of speedlimits for the drivers age....

    And how are mike beloved speed cameras gonna keep up with this multiple speed thing, or are they going to require black box recorders to record all in flight speeds and issue tickets accordingly...

    Maybe nobody should need a licence here but should be able to travel a apporximate speed of 1Kmh per year of life on this planet???

    I wish Mike would read this board so I could inform him how much of a dumb f$^k he really is!!!!

    Oh yeah someone said about the WRB's that they weren't considered to be statistically dangerous to motorcyclists that why they never bothered to stop putting them in.... Speed cameras here statistically haven't shown they are saving any lives so why can't they be binned???

    Maybe we'll have to start our own speed camera lynch mobs...
  17. what about a speed limit based on how many times you have cheated death.

  18. 80? I thought it was 100 for P platers
  19. For Learners its 80 km/hr but I was wrong with the New P's.


    Sorry you are right

    P Platers are now able to do 100km/hr When I did it, it was only 80. seems that L Platers are stuck at 80km/hr

    My Wrong :)