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Age vs KM's for a BMW R1200GS (or similar)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by frankdrebin, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Folks,

    New to the forums and first time poster so apologies in advance if I do something out of line here ;)

    Just wanted to reach out to all the experts here about some research I'm doing on buying a new bike. I'm currently looking at something like the R1200GS or similar and while looking on BikeSales.com.au I notice quite a large skew with age and KM's which is understandable.

    My question as I don't know bikes as well as cars, is what is the normal/acceptable amount of KM's per year of a bike on average? Additionally at what stage would you 'normally' expect larger repair bills etc. Apologies for the vagueness of the question but I guess I'm equating this to buying a used car. Most cars can do 100,000km without any issues whatsover so that wouldn't worry me. Is it similar for a bike like a 1200GS?

    Lastly, same type of question but about age of the bike. I have found a beauty thats a 2004 for ~$15K or so with only 18,000km. That seems like a great bike to me but wondering if it being 7 years old is an issue?

    Thanks in advance everyone and hope to be a 'bike owning' part of this forum moving forward (I currently ride a 'god forbid' scooter..hehe but was a sports bike rider in my past)



  2. I dont know about the 1200 GS,
    But the Honda Blackbirds 13 year old and 100,000 kays on them have never been spannered is quite common,
    Just a comparison for you to think about,
    Mines five year old, 52,000 kays and not been touched, excluding brakes and chain, and oil,
  3. That bike should do 150000 ok, their main issue is the final drive going. You will find heaps better info on this bike at advrider.com
  4. Depends also on how it was ridden - although even if its thrashed, as long as it's been looked after a GS is generally pretty reliable. With BMWs the age is pretty immaterial, it's the way they've been treated and maintained.