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Age or km?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I'm gonna ask about my specific situation here, but I hope this can spread out into a broader discussion of the issue with some more general suggestions. (Which is why I'm starting it in General Discussion, but if the mods in ther wisdom decide to move it that's cool with me.)

    I'm looking at two YZF600s, with prices is the same ballpark. One is a 95 that's done 50,000 kms, the other is a 97 that's done 75,000. Any suggestions in general about whether a newer bike with (a reasonable number) more km on the clock is better than an older one with less?

    With the YZF it's a little more complicated because it had a pretty big revision in 97 with the addition of ram air, a different fairing shape and so on.
  2. Hard question.. I'd generally go kms instead of age, but if its the upgraded version hmmm...
  3. bravus - if it were me, i would not look at either the age nor the kms in this instance.
    these bikes are built to do many, many kms.
    i would ride both, and get a feeling from both which would help make my decision. if after the riding of both (or if you dont feel that you got enough feel out of them) spend a few bob and get them looked over by an impartial mechanic.
    get the standard checks done-
    oil leeks
    get them to look at the plugs
    and general overall health of the bike
  4. Generally speaking, if it was the same bike/car within the same model range, i always look at kms rather than YOM.
  5. If they were in similar condition you would have to go with the updated one. They are build to be ridden hard so be prepared to spend some cash soon on either one.
    Nice bikes though.

    This probably doesnt help!
  6. Unless it was the difference between carbi and EFI - I'd buy the one with lower k's as long as it's in better condition - and has a good service history.

    Joel's right though: ride both. Any nasty surprises should present themselves on a test-ride.

    --[if it was between a carbi and an EFI with 25,000 extra k's, I'd totally buy the EFI]--
  7. Depends on how the kilometres were put on it. If the guy commuted occasionally, the higher mileage bike may be a better bet. If both spent their lives hammering twisties on weekends, well, get the newer one.
    I'd look at other wear items, the general condition of the respective bikes, and buy the better maintained one.
    Joel is right, any late model Japanese bike, if maintained, will go on and on.
    At the end of the day, if they are similar, buy the bike you like most!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. bravi get intouch with Iffracem....
  9. Am looking at this in some cases too... seeing the suss 10,000km in 10 years bikes wanting top dollar, the more beleivable 50,000km in 10 years wanting $7-8k, and the most likely 80-90000km bikes for $5k.

    Strangely enough some of the 90,000km old bikes seem in better condition except for milage, and the price differential would pay for a rebuild if it's ever needed.

    Always a tough choice. Best thing I would think is ride them. A well maintained high milage bike is going to generally be better than a poorly maintained low milage bike.

    As such I'll be checking out a 90,000km one tomorrow, a 50000km one and a 10000km one....
  10. Age or kms? Not relevant. Service regime? Crucial!!

    Whichever one can be verified to have been professionallly serviced at the proper intervals is the one which I would buy....
  11. condition

    age nor k's doesnt matter

    check carefully all the consumables

    brakes and very important disks

    also be aware one you start getting up high kays then all bearings are to consider as well

    suspension is another aspect

    depending on the above factors that other bike with only 30K on the clock is worth the grand or 2 more than the higher mileage
  12. Always condition....

    This may be older bike with more kms...but looked after well and everything works.

    I've seen newer bikes with lights not working and plastic bits falling off and older bikes in great condition that will go on forever (with good maintainance).

    No two bikes/cars/houses of same age and mileage will be the same - but it is usually fairly obvious (with a little investigation) which are in better condition......and will give better service.
  13. Thanks all for that - sage advice.