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Age limit for pillion passengers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by JamesJoyce, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Hi, I am new to the group and relatively new to motorbikes. My 2004 CB250Y is only my second bike. I love this bike .. but I am still going to upgrade my licence this weekend so I can at least hire bigger bikes for highway cruising.

    The question I have is : Is there an age limit for pillion passengers in Queensland. I can't seem to find anyone who knows. I have a four year old and a six year old. It would be handy if I could give the six year old a lift to school on the days his mother works.

    Not looking to do a lot of k's with the kids, and it is all <60 km/hr roads .. just not sure if it is legal, and what people think about children this young as pillions.[/img]

  2. us mexicans down here in vic are able to carry anyone as long as their feet touch the pegs if i remember right. just make sure the 6 year old can do that and get em some decent gear and you should be right i think :wink:

    correct me i'f i'm wrong tho ppls.....
  3. i would also think they need a helmet that fits and dont spin around when you hit it!!!!
  4. Other than Qld specific laws around pillion restrictions unless you have an open full license, then it is the same as Victoria - must be able to sit in seat correctly (ie. reach pegs and reach pillion grips, if installed), and must be able to wear a helmet that is fitted correctly.
  5. correct
    and a mate of mine did exactly that with his 6yo daughter
    rode from Ballaarat to PI (!) for MotoGP with her (with jacket helmet and boots) on the back of his 9r..
    she luvved it....

  6. I first starting riding with my dad when I was seven. I got a new helmet as a present for my birthday when I was in grade five.

    As long as you can touch the pegs (and more importantly hold on!) you should be okay I don't think age is an issue.
  7. Heya,

    In QLD the kiddies have to be able to put their feet on the pegs... If they don't reach then it is a no goer!!!

    Also I would make sure they have all the right gear...

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. My 2 cents worth is make sure they reach the pegs, get all of the right gear, skimp on your own but not theirs and follow the lead of folks like Flipper & Groberts have definate rules about where & how hard they hang on so that you know they're still there. Define what movement & when is acceptable so that you can maintain contol of the bike. If the child freaks out be prepared to let them off & slow ride while they walk beside you but make sure their friends don't see this so that they will save face!,cause if you aren't prepared to do that then take smaller rides cause scaring them sh1tless may put them off forever if they love it you may have created a Frankenstein!
  9. Minimum pillion passenger age

    Thanks for the swift replies.

    Now I will just have to see if I can get a leather school uniform made up for him ! .. and steal capped school shoes.

    Next question is : Do Honda still bring in CB500's ? It doesn't appear so. Thinking about the next bike (doesn't everyone). I prefer naked bikes or road/trail bikes to faired machines. I figure I can justify a 400 or 500 in a year or so, but anything more would be a waste of cash and fuel.
  10. yeah there is no age limit however i wouldnt trust a child on the bike
  11. Have fun with the kids JamesJoyce

    as for your next bike there are few nice 500's available.

    my preference is a GS500E suzuki - they also do a faired model now. about 35kw, don't know torque figures, parraellel (? u know side by side) twin, air cooled.

    nothing to go wrong really and combined with relatively simple running grear. Narrow front tyre (suited to real roads), a little underdamped up front but rear shock is a good'n.

    You used to be able to get them with a bikini fairing - which was next to usless but did keep a bit of wind of the chest at hwy speeds.
  12. Just another tip about taking kids as passengers, when I used to ride on the back of my ol' man's fzr1000 when I was 9 or so he wore a belt that he'd made with handles on the sides.
    That way he could tell that I was still holding on to him and hadn't blown off the bike ;)
  13. When I get kids I'll definately be taking them on the back :D

    I was thinking about getting a GS500F too, torque's around 40Nm I think. More than the 22Nm I got now lol. It's learner legal too but you have to buy them new as they just came out this year.