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Age article on (bad) Victoria drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. I'll copy/paste the whole article in case you need to register to view it.

    Original article at http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2005/03/14/1110649127031.html

  2. Ay-men to all of that!

    Excellent article, should be compulsory reading for every politician and bureaucrat with a hand in "road safety" policy/enforcement.

    It's worth noting that Mr Morley is a rider...
  3. What an awesome article... it's a pity it will mostly fall on deaf ears :(
  4. This quote really annoys me:

    "We've approached the Government to use speed cameras to measure the gaps between cars and catch people travelling too close to the car in front," he says.

    "The technology's the same as for catching speeding cars, but nobody wants to hear about an idea that will reduce their revenue from speeding fines."

    If that's true, then it confirms what we've long suspected about our dear Government's concern for safety on the roads. Bastards!
  5. One of the more accessable and on-the-mark articles I have read.
  6. But Victorian drivers are just in a hurry to get back to their lovers cause they are so good in bed!

    (all the other states are obviously no good at it...lol)
  7. Interesting read and much of it is so blindlingly obvious. Our current government will not change their strategy, or adopt new life saving ideas while they are reliant on the income the cameras bring in. On the other down side, the Libs are no better and are frankly a shambles of an opposition. Get used to what we are stuck with.
  8. It's NOT just Victoria/Melbourne either, it's a decent verbal picture of every Australian State / Territory and capital.

  9. That is indeed an excellent are very truthful article. :)
  10. Good article. Interesting idea about using speed cameras to fine tailgating. The government will do some sums, see that they can't make as much money from tailgaters v's those who speed accidently, and disregard the idea all together. The opposition; as if they're going to change anything when they get into power next. They'll check out how big the piggy is from speeding revenue, and the status quo will continue.

    I've driven/ridden in a couple of countries on this planet; Italy, France, Bali and Penang, and I have found other drivers to be much more courteous than we are here. They do allow you to merge into traffic, or join the traffic from a side street without carrying on or agro. There doesn't seem to be that much "you're not taking my spot no way jose i ain't letting you in" routine.
  11. I'd just like to put it out there...

    I think this article is a beat up, drivers in Sydney are waaay worse than Melbournites!

  12. Great article, a must for ALL users of the road not just car drivers.
  13. I've driven in UK, France, Germany and South Africa and can honsetly say that Victoria is more aggressive than any of those countries. Can't comment about the rest of Australia as I've only ever driven/ridden in Victoria, except for a week on the Sunshine Coast.
  14. dont agreewith that one.

    when i was in sydney if i indicated i was let in, if i was merging people made room and people traveled at the speed limit.

    although it wasnt all roses but generally better than melbs.

    that is one of the best articles i've read in a while and hits the nail right on the head. i cant stand people merging onto a 100kph freeway at 80kph or the arrogant wankers who sit in the right hand lane on the way to work 5kph under the limit holding everyone up.

    what wasnt touched on was why on every freaking 3 or more lane highways in this state do people insist on sitting in the middle or right hand lane?!?!? how many times have you moved into the centre of the road to let the people who are merging in to find them merging into the middle lane when the left hand lane is clear and they are still stitting on 90kph WTF?!?!?!

    i much prefered the melb-geelong road when it was 2 lanes either way because at least then people got out of your bloody way
  15. Raffiki, I think that is also one of the biggest problems in Melbourne, nobody keeps left unless overtaking. I think in the UK it used to be a fine for travelling along in the centre or right lane if there was no other traffic in the left lane. Don't know whether that has change though.
  16. And (pls correct me if I'm wrong), I think it's illegal in the UK to use the left hand lane to pass a slower vehicle that's travelling in the right hand lane.

    The 2 rules work together to encourage people to keep left and only use the "passing lane" to do that - pass!

    Re French driving - I once found myself driving through the centre of Paris on a Friday afternoon. Near-gridlock, and I amused myself watching the guy in front of me do his best to ignore the chap in the left lane who wanted to merge right.

    He gripped his wheel tightly and stared rigidly ahead, deliberately paying absolutely no attention to the other guy's indicator and steadfastly refusing to let him in. All this happened at a max speed of about 10 km/h...
  17. Sydneyites are generally more courteous than Melbournites, I've found. But apart from that - I hate driving in Sydney! Scary stuff!!
  18. The worst thing about the governments approach to driving and safety (read fines) is that I constantly hear people complain about their approach yet we all sit back and let them do what they want. The stupid part is that most people believe 'they' are wrong yet we let them bully us and let them do whatever they want.

    I wish people would make a stand against these Bureaucrats and put these idiots in their place.
  19. I went to Sydney for six weeks in 2000, I didn't do any driving was a passenger in a vehicle all of the time. I can say that I think Sydney-siders are generally more courteous that Melburnians but it's the state of the roads. Is it King Georges road that basically comes out of the airport towards Bankstown/Milperra? I remember trying to get back to the airport on that road early on a Friday afternoon and only just made my flight. Man, what a nightmare. This was of course before they finished the freeway (M5, I think).
  20. yes its an offence to overtake on the left and not keep left but the boys in blue dont care.

    also they changed the laws so that you only have to keep left if your in an 80k or more zone back in 2002 i think, gay.