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AGATT vs That's Gotta Hurt

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rpmorrell, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. A guy by the name of Frankenscoot from another scooter forum had a prang a while back, & OUCH! the pics hurt.

    I'll paste in his words of his account of what happened.

    It's in the USA, & I guess you'd know the safety requirements are different over there.

    Frankenscoot's words in italics.

    AND wear your damn gear! Helmet, gloves, boots and jacket! Unless you want this:


    It was around 6 monthes or so ago. I was doing 55mph in a 55mph zone. I was approching a red light so I was slowing down. As I was a mini van pulled in front of me and slammed their brakes. I did the same because there were cars all around so I had nowhere to swerve out of the way to. I locked the front brake up which cause my rear to swing out from under me. Around this time the van sped up because the light turned green, so I didn't rear end the van. I did however do a 45 mph slid on the hot unforgiving asphalt for around 15-20 feet wearing no gloves, no helmet and no jacket. It was near 100 degrees out and I was riding around in a tank top, camo pants and my trusty Doc Martens. I spent 4 weeks out of work and it took roughly 8 weeks to full heal my hands back up. Nowadays I wear full gear even if i'm only riding a couple blocks up the road.


    Ouch, Ouch & double Ouch.
    Be safe out there people. AGATT = All Gear All The Time

    Rob ;)
  2. If ur stupid u gotta pay for it ;) It is not so bad anyway .. I've seen worse things .. At least he is alive ;)
  3. I reckon many newbie riders get lulled into a false sense of security.

    I my early days on the scoot I had open face helmet with flimsy gloves etc: clueless!
    Not anymore.
    Track Sessions changed everything for me.

    Rob :wink:
  4. Same: open face, open-fingered bicycle gloves, and nothing more than denim (though I'll still get about locally in denim jeans). If people want to go with a certain fashion, get the Draggin sweat shirt and maybe the long johns (just got given a pair) - comfy and protective and the sweat shirt looks good enough to sew a mod target on and display!