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Afternoons cruise in the south

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by waedwe, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Awoke today with a desire for a bit of a ride, but no idea where, having had some things to do i didn't get set free till 1.30'ish, but with such glorious weather i wasn't about to not go out i decided to just ride and follow my nose seeing where i would end up.
    Starting off from my home in mittagong i cruised up range road before taking aleft and riding through the backroads way of kangaloon road through kangaloon above the resovoir towards robertson, , a nice scenic ride though the road can narrow at times and leaves you on guard against marauding 4WD's.
    Upon reaching robertson i thought of heading off towards the national park, via bald hill, but with all the negative publicity on here lately of the police presence there i decided for a difference to head down jamberoo road towards kiama. The 1st section of jamberoo road is open 100km/h speed limited and quite nice, but as you approach jamberoo it becomes narrow a bit patchy and very tight, there was a bit of traffic here and was forced to crawl down towards jamberoo, There were more than plenty of bikes parked outside the jamberoo pub but i decided to continue on, after jamberoo it is a nice curvy road towards kiama, good surface fairly open and scenic, not to mention the scenery at kiama itself as the weather warms and the clothes worn shrink :)
    A few kiama pics
    After leaving kiama i continued on down the princess highway to nowra, it is a nice section of the highway not too boring some scenery and corners, and the speed cameras along here are well signposted leaving my points and wallet intact. continuing along the highway i thought of crossing the mountain at berry along the kangaroo valley road, i have ridden that road many times but decided with the recent wet it may be a little slippery, plus i wanted to go through the bends between nowra and kangaroo valley.
    At nowra i turned right onto moss vale road, there are some great corners here leading in towards kangaroo valley, as well as a uh oh moment when i wondered if i had just seen a unmarked car heading the other way and thought he was turning round, continuing on through the corners and dispatching the odd 4wd with quick overtakes it seems it was a false alarm as no car loomed up behind me.
    Stopped into kangaroo valley pub for a quick drink

    Leaving kangaroo Valley you pass the odd castle like bridge which is 1 way each way, i believe it was made by english stonemasons escaping england after losing the battle to the normans in the year 1066, unfortunately not much is known of them due to the fact they were killed by pygmies not long after finishing the project, not wanting to risk pymy arrows i decided not to stop here and have used a old photo from a previous trip here

    I then continued along from kangaroo valley on moss vale road toward barrengarry mountain. This is a truly sensational piece of road rising quite steeply with corners of every description, in fact it is so good the google street view car was too scared to drive it and left it blank. If ever anybody is in the area although it is already quite well known i can't stress enough what a good road it is to ride. The only downside can be the traffic at times with quite slow streams of traffic crawling in your way, the nerve of these people, just because they have licences and pay registration they actually believe they have a right to be on the road when we want to ride :LOL:. never to worry if you pick your times and accelerate well you can easilly pass most traffic quickly.
    After the rise up through barengarry i turned right again along myra vale road, unfortunately so too did the 3 cars i was patiently waiting behind knowing they would continue on the main road leaving me in peace on this back road, i passed the 1st car with no problems, then the 2nd, however on the next straight the 3rd car, a P plater as always decided that my overtake should become a drag race. A quick display of non LAMS approved motorcycle acceleration quickly ended that debate and he quickly disappeared in my rear view mirror once the next set of curves arrived, , this road is quite smooth open and winds its way along towards robertson, good fun and much better than the main roads, except for 1 unexpected bump that reminded me how bad my food intake has been lately and how long i consequentially spent the night before on the loo.
    At the end of the road i turned down towards the robertson pie shop on the illawarra highway. At the pie shop it was getting later, there were few bikes around and no sign of netriders famous Hornet, but a quick study of tracks left on the ground and fresh droppings revealed this shy and timid creature had indeed been in the area recently.
    The robertson pie shop
    And just in case you doubt you are there
    After the pie shop i decided that though it was late a quick run down and up the Macquarie pass would be in order, a quick ride down the pass with enough traffic coming up towards me cutting to fill the near misses and place to vent for a month ensued, i also noted they have now finished work on the bridge over the railway line at the top and have added a concrete dividing wall between the lines of traffic to prevent head on collisions here.
    Reaching the bottom i duly turned around to head back up.
    Bottom of the mac pass, sign advising it was apparently built by underpants gnomes in the year 1896 in there never ending search for profit
    Heading back up the pass i had a fairly clear run most of the way, I absolutely love this piece of road and know it quite well, i settled into a nice flow riding up calmly leaning into the corners feeling quite happy, then i came to a group of cars in some slow corners, on the next bit of straight i went around the 4wd at the back of the que, and boy did i get a gobfull from his window of abuse for daring to do so, pulling in front of him after the overtake, he proceeded to constantly blow his horn. i reasoned that he must be the famous Kiama blow hole i had noticed signs for earlier in my ride, and not wanting to make enemies with a tourist attraction i made a concilliatory hand wave to calm him down, but somehow my wave inflamed the situation when i realised i had mistakenyl used my naughty finger :LOL:
    I then decided to clear from him and passed the next few cars and easilly saw the traffic disappear in my mirrors once more as i enjoyed the brilliant corners on the mac pass. Upon reaching the top i turned left onto tourist road and stopped to put on my balaclava as the highlands chill was starting to bite, after putting my helmet back on and hopping back on my bike to ride, who should arrive? none other than mr kiama blow hole himself, he stopped and motioned with his door that he was going to hop out, but after some vigourous discussion with mrs kiama blow hole they came to the conclusion that he wasn't as big as they had thought and instead he wound down the window for a bit more yelling before hightailing it off.
    I continued along tourist drive a nicle scenic road once more towards mittagong, the 1st part of the road is smooth enough but the latter stages from this direction can be quite bumpy, as well the sun was now begining to shine directly in my eyes and i feared if a ME109 attacked from behind it michael cane would be quite cross with me when i returned to base (sorry to those that have never watched the battle of britain). so at the end i once again headed up range road to home.
    THE END thankyou for reading my prattling attempt at a ride report this afternoon
    oh the route was http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...4.64719,150.537415&spn=0.072164,0.109692&z=13
  2. :D:D

    I was coming back from mollymook today, thought I saw a bike similar to yours.

    Lots of bikes out doing that run today.

    think you need to change your sig mate.
  3. Nah, he won't, not till the end of the season and then he'll just change the date to 2011 !!!

    Sounds like a good run, mate, some of my favourite backyard roads. Good report. I'm googling those gnomes but I'm coming up empty. :)
  4. haha cager-rage fail. makes every trip worth it!
  5. Yep we are pretty lucky to have those roads just in our backyards, and the rabbits arent dead this season yet, after next week we will need to post in the hazourdous roads reports about the danger of running into tyres in the kogarah wollongong region as the wheels fall off the dragons premiership campaign
  6. wouldnt surprise me tbh. They dont have the best track record
  7. nice. some good mc roads down that way.

    was down there on friday in the cage.

    bald hill>wollongong>macquarie pass>robertson>kiama

    did you happen to see any whale/dolphin activity in kiama?

    we were lucky to spot both:)
  8. Mm, I miss those roads. :)

    Love Kangaroo Valley Pass and the feeder roads south of it, and some of the sweeping bends (now-bypassed by the Princes Highway) between Albion Park and Kiama.
  9. Didn't see any whales or dolphin activity in kiama just tonnes of pelicans around
  10. Yes indeed, we are privileged in the extreme to have these roads as 'our's. Every time I go to the Pie Shop and meet Sydeny riders who've endured hours of boring roads just to get to the start of the fun I thank God I live just 6kms away from it :LOL:.

    WW I was on a few of those roads on Sunday with Mrs Hornet in the car, meandering down to Goulburn, but wishing I was on the bike; what a bottler of day it was!
  11. Do you live near north macquarie rd, hornet?

    Also, what's the attraction to goulburn? South coast is a much nicer place for a days meander, methinks
  12. I live only 6 kays from the bottom of Macquarie Pass, I drive it up and back two days a week for work (at Mittagong) and I ride it incessantly, so, yeah, it's kinda a favourite

    For nearly 18 years we have been fostering a small church in Goulburn; I preach there once a month, and every Sunday in Augusts.....
  13. hence my question about north macquarie rd. :p

    fair enough.
  14. Find it hard to believe thats your bike.......it's too clean :p Good write up =D> Take this area for granted some times....and besides, if we don't say too much, the others won't find out...........too late now.

    Don't change your sig just yet.......it aint over till it's over.
  15. The pie shop ain't that great...good write up mate, sounds like a good time