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afternoon ride on the city link

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tluong, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Just came back from a quick ride along the citylink and had noticed that there was this blonde chick with some curly long hair riding in the opposite direction on the Bolte Bridge. Then suddenly she was standing on her footpegs and riding~ :shock:

  2. She was maybe stretching her legs..

    I do it myself sometimes if i am cramping up..
  3. Preparing for a 5km standup wheelie.
  4. Obviously ! .. She needed to fart :shock:
  5. do it alot when out delivering mail after about 3-4 hours your legs need a stretch
  6. Maybe she was a he?

    easy mistake to make in all the riding gear. :shock:
  7. Unless she was wearing a short skirt!
  8. I make sure I stand once in a while or else I will have my legs cramp up again. Was bad enough the first time that I don't want it to happen again.

    Feels good sometimes too :D

    phong =P~
  9. Yeah citylink is a great place to go for a ride, No cars and the scenery is awsome, not to mention the twisty roads, they seem to last forever.....

    Ahh the days of citylink cruising. I will never get that wasted time back. :roll:
  10. Own up Marissa :)
  11. I do my yoga stretches on long rides :grin:
  12. Is that all?

    I sit on the fuel tank sometimes while riding.
  13. Well I do headstand's on the tank Chris :-k upt dupt dupt dupt =; while mono'n \:D/ facing backwards :butt: 1 handed mind you :jerk: with me eyes closed :shock: while drunk :beer: :rofl: honest injuns :rofl:
  14. i do all the above. only underneath the bike...
  15. :LOL: Vic & Loz. Was thinking the same.. that is if Marissa is R1Bandit.

    [​IMG] @ Stookie (once again)

    OP :eek:wned:
  16. Um, Mars isnt blonde.
  17. It couldn't have been Mars... she'd have been doing the superman, or a high chair or somethin else... :LOL:

    When I used to use a throttle lock, I used to sit back on the pillion chair to stretch the legs, and steer hands free... had more than one or two folk give me a strange look... LMAO