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Afternoon Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Maurice Blackburn, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Adam from Maurice Blackburn lawyers here,

    Thought I'd introduce myself and say a big thank you to Netrider for supporting the Stop SMIDSY campaign.

    I was going to join earlier but thought I better get a decent ride under my belt before doing so (riding pillion from Melbourne to the Snowy Mountains - beautiful stuff; bar the pollen!).

    A lot of folks on Netrider have been instrumental in educating us about what riding in Australia in 2011 is all about and in reality there wouldn't be a SMIDSY campaign without them. =D>


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  2. Welcome, nice to virtually meet you Adam.
  3. Welcome aboard Adam :)

    Melbourne to Snowy as a first pillion ride is quite an effort mate. Well done.

    Hey, you might want to checkout channel 9 news tonight - if the ads are to be believed there may be more useful information for the stop SMIDSY campaign as there will be a report on the deskilling of drivers.

    Edit: LMAO, just noticed you'd posted in the other thread. lol All good :)
  4. greetings Adam, may we always be of more help than distress.
  5. Hi Adam,
    good to see you on here

  6. Welcome to NR, Adam! Good to hear from you. (y)
  7. Welcome aboard, Adam, and thanks from all of us for your support :).
  8. Welcome Adam. I hope you enjoy Netrider - there is plenty of useful info as well as good people on here to talk bikes with.

    Thankyou to you and MB for your ongoing support with the Stop SMIDSY campaign, it's very much apreciated by all on two wheels. :)
  9. Hello Adam, and welcome to NR.
  10. Welcome Adam. Its good to have your support on the SMIDSY issue and perhaps some others too?

    Are you also thinking of taking up riding yourself?
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    Welcome, and thanks to MB too.
  12. Welcome to NR Adam. We really appreciate your efforts with the SMIDSY issue. Glad to have you guys on board.
  13. Welcome aboard Adam.
  14. G'day Ads, welcome aboard.
    No mate, thankyou.

    That's starting towards the deep end mate, I hope you get a chance to throw together some words about your impressions of our world.
    I also hope you get a chance to join our world one day.....once the bug bites it never lets go.

    I was thinking of a new SMIDSY campaign we could trial,
    it consists of getting gloves made that have the words SMID and SEE across the knuckles...

    should make a good impression...


    ...not sure of the legalities though.
  15. Hello Adam, enjoy the ride.
  16. Haha I've been looking at the thread title all day, not realising it was you Adam!
    Welcome aboard and thanks for your support...

    Now, how do I get that song out of my head...?

    "Skyrockets in flight,
    Afternoon NetRider..."