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Aftermath of others not paying attention

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mattxr, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Riding off to work this morning, normal busy morning traffic about to go though a school zone (40kph).

    Rolling off from about 50-55kph as the traffic ahead is slowing down just about to put my foot down and come to a complete stop take a peek in the mirror and all I see are two faces that look a little close for comfort!!

    Brace from impact and bang! A split seconds after looking and I felt the contact!!

    It wouldn't have matter if I was in my cage she was still going to hit someone, she just was not paying attention, don't know if it was mobile phone of what....

    Bike held up well considering, not looking good though. Possibly a write off, fair bit of damage, will really depend if the subframe is damaged. Wheel is buckled, tyre is gone and of course the whole back end is pointing to the sky.

    Dropped it into Ducati this morning, so just wait til I hear back and see how bad it is.

    Pulled up alright considering, got my gentleman parts squashed by the tank! Other than that just a sore back and stomach. Doc gave me the all clear, so overall a good result health wise.

    Shattered about the bike!

    image. image. image. image.

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  2. Bugger, I assume you got all the details you needed to process a claim and been thoroughly checked out medically. The question that will inevitably arise is, could you have done something to avoid the hit ?
  3. Yeh did the details things, have spoke to the insurance company and provided all the bits and bobs. Just got wait for it to be disassembled and quoted.

    Been thinking about it all day if there was something I could have done.... I'm not sure to be honest, I always watch my mirrors when slowing etc. but this time it was just to late. She was going pretty quick and there was nowhere to go by the time I realised what was going to happen.
  4. It can happen, at least you are thinking about it and you're ok that's the main thing. Having the strong sense of self preservation that comes with old age, I am constantly looking for escape routes when slowing or stopping but even that is no guarantee someone isn't going to outfox me one day.
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  5. Absolutely pisses me of to the max.just another bingle in a car.How friggen hard is it to not tailgate.Be nice to see some solid punishment for this stuff.
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  6. Glad you came out of it ok.
    As for the bike it looks like you now have a backrest, you never know it may catch on.
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  7. Fcuk that sux mate glad to see you are all right hope the insurance is an easy claim
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  8. Send that off to Ducati. I think you are onto a new style there.
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  9. Woah, first time I've seen the tail of a bike bent up like that. Very clean bend do, paint is still nice and shinny
  10. Give you $50 for the wreck, make a decent track bike. Bet its a write off. I bet it has stressed the mounting point between the subframe and frame.

    Custom made back rest.
  11. It looks a bit like Kaneda's bike now, you could sell it for a fortune in Japan.

  12. Bugger me. Did she touch her brakes? Was it possible to filter? I suppose as it was in a school zone filtering wouldn't have been allowed with the new laws anyway.
  13. Perfect bend very clean and a great shape for a backrest! Almost 90 degrees!

    Would make a great track bike if it was written off, wonder how I would get my hands on it if it is.....

    I don't reckon she did, she hit me going a decent clip. No room for me to filter though, that I can remember anyway...
  14. Oh such a nice bike and such a shame.
    Man I hate things like this..
    I'd be swearing like a sailor but there's no point on NR as it's moderated automatically anyway..

    At least you pulled up ok! cheers
  15. Your a lucky bastard then. A no brake hit from behind at 40-50 should put you in hospital for a long while if you make it there.

    I wonder how much this is to do with you seeing it coming. Even though you couldn't avoid it I reckon just knowing it's coming gives you a much better chance of walking away.
  16. That is a pretty impressive bend in the tail there.. never seen anything like that before, its so clean.. crazy.

    Glad you didn't suffer a terrible injury, very lucky.

    Hope it all works out for you!
  17. Mate - glad to hear you're alright.

    Not sure how the doctor gave you the "all ok" though.

    Just by looking at that, I'd be off work for a good 3 days resting just to make sure, which insurance would have compensated you for.

    Make sure you're back is alright and bring up any slight pains. Back problems can come up days/weeks later.

    I'd be complaining about it now, just to ensure that you'e not on the hook for any physio bills that may come as a result in the future.
  18. So a question for the crash analysts. Would the seat buckling up like that have launched the OP off his seat before the car plowed fully into him? If so any lessons for bike designers?
  19. Ejector seats
  20. I must admit to a number of swear words!

    Yeh very lucky to walk away, I think seeing it going to happen made me brace for it and less shocked when it did happen.

    The soreness is staring to rear up now, so I will be keeping an eye on it over the next few days.