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Aftermarket work with LAMS bikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Spocky, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering what is the legal requirements in NSW with aftermarket work on a LAMS restricted bike. My thoughts are regarding exhausts as a few people have stated that a slightly noisy exhaust may enhance the abilities for SMIDSYs no to see me but hear me and certainly you can hear a Harley or Ducati coming from a distance even ina modern car.

    I know that a lot of aftermarket exhausts enhance performance (which would be a LAMS no-no) but is there any rules regarding adding devices as a bling concept for for added 'safety'?

    Please this is not a discussion regarding exhausts and safety just a general question regarding the concept of adding things to a LAMS bike.
  2. The authorities don't buy into the argument that louder exhausts are safer.
  3. depends what bling specifically
    stuff like adjustable levers, double bubble screens etc are fine, but anything increasing power is out (not that there is much for lams bikes anyway)
  4. I know here in QLD, Transport & Main Roads prohibit exhaust modifications to LAMS motorcycles as it modifies the power:weight ratio. Be sure you confirm with RTA (in writing) before you make any changes - just in case :)

    From TMR/Qld Motorcycle Safety
    Modifications can significantly increase a motorcycle’s power to weight ratio. As such a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM) which has had a modification performed apart from the below acceptable modifications will no
    longer be accepted as a LAM

    Acceptable LAM modifications:
    • an approved LK7 seating modification
    • a modification for mobility impairment purposes
    provided approval has been obtained from the
  5. Whoops, I just ordered an exhaust for mine that will substantially reduce the weight of the muffler lol. Oh well.
  6. I am assuming that that is loud and then rediculously loud!

    Is there any research that looks at louder bikes vs muffled bikes with regard to safety as it would seem that it would reduce the SMIDSY but may develop the SMIDHY?

    Cheers Spocky
  7. i have a staintune on my klx 250 and people comment how loud it is,
    you can hear it coming a mile off, etc. etc.

    haven't had any cops write me up, but i would never rely on it
    for any form of safety whatsoever. Maybe it scares off some animals
    but cage drivers wouldn't have the intelligence of a roo anyway!
    makes for nice power though
  8. Hum , thats easy to solve , weigh the mufflers separately , work out the weight difference , stick some lead sheeting of the same weight under the seat , presto the power/weight is now spot on Lol
  9. I just put a Two Brothers Carbon Fibre exhaust on my Ninja 250R, that my friends is a MASSIVE weight change. So much so that the bike is now even more 'flickable' than it was before and has a bit more get-up-and-go.

    It, however, is illegal and if I get pulled over by a police officer that knows the rules, it'll attract a canary. Which is the reason I kept the origional exhaust so if I have to swap it over, I just take the bike home, let it cool down and then swap them back over. Up until that point, however, it's remaining in its modified state.
    For the record, I didn't make the modification to deliberately break the law, I did it so I didn't get laughed at when I twisted the throttle, so cars could hear me and to improve the aesthetics of the bike. :angel:

  10. I'm getting my first bike in 6 weeks or so and will be doing the same, putting on an aftermarket pipe on straight away. I don't care if its against the law, I want the weight reduction, louder noise, extra safety and power etc. The difference will be negligible saving 2 kg and adding 1 or 2 hp.. But it will sound heaps better and cars will hear me a bit easier..
  11. If you weigh under 90Kgs & you're on something borderline like a CB400, you're already breaking the LAMS laws ;)

    Who's gunna know anyway? Just keep the original bits so you can but it back to stock if you ever sell it or get busted for an unroadworthy vehicle.
  12. Just bear in mind, any bike that is LAMS is generally (VERY generally) fairly light. The weight reduction can have the effect of making a bike "super-manouverable"... for want of a better term, as I said in my post, it made my Ninja one hellova lot more agile, affected the brakes and rear wheel feel under braking (less weight over the rear overall). Just bear in mind that the bike was designed to have that weight on it, so it may negativity affect its ride.

    This is more relevant if its your first bike, either take the exhaust off before you start learning to ride it, or wait for a good few weeks when you're confident on it before you change it. IMHO.

  13. mmm I might be calculating it wrong.. but I've worked it out to be roughly 140kw/tonne with a 90kg rider and all the fluids..oil, fuel, coolant etc

    But yea I'll definately be keeping the original parts.
  14. I can HIGHLY recommend staintune, although pretty expensive

    Makes for good top end, you MUST re jet the carby/s (if it is not EFI)
    to get a decent gain.

    very loud, don't ride round and round the neighborhood!
    DON"T rely on the extra noise for safety!!
  15. You probably are riding a technically 'illegal bike' but I've never ever heard of anyone being fined for it. Many people do airbox and exhaust (and even ECU) mods for their cars while on P plates which have the same restriction.
  16. Just note that if you are involved in a crash, your mods will invalidate ALL your insurance (including CTP I would imagine as the bike is outside of its registration specs) so its not all fun and games as the costs of cocking this up could be $100,000++++++ and you'd be personally liable.

    Insurance companies like not to pay and will find excuses to do so.

    Cheers Spocky
  17. Not entirely correct.

    Whilst an insurer may try to play that card, it could be argued as the question "did the modification contribute to the accident" could reasonably be asked.

    If the accessory/mod has been notified to the insurer and marked on the policy... and it didnt contribute to the claim, then it is very shaky grounds to decline a claim on.

    If internal dispute resolutions with the insurer were exhausted without result over the claim handling process and the Financial Ombudsman Service were brought in, it would be very likely in my opinion that they would rule in the favour of the client.

    Just make sure you notify your insurer of the mod if you make it.
  18. No the issue is does the modification make the registration invalid then you are riding an 'unregistered' bike. My registration specifies that my bike is LAMS compliant and if I remove the restrictors that keep the power down, my bike has to have a new roadworthy certificate before I am allowed to re-register it as a non-LAMS 650.

    Whether the modification contributed or not is irrelevant.

    IF the bike is NOT registerable because of the modifications then NO insurance is valid.

    Cheers Spocky
  19. if you bin your bike that hard you probably wont be alive so whats the problem.
  20. I think the stock ninja muffler is about 12kg, i got a danmoto exhaust on mine and it struggles 2kg on the scale :D