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Aftermarket Seats Vstar?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by MrDudeFace, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Hope I'm posting this is the right section (Couldn't find it covered in the search). I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with aftermarket seats on a vstar? I was interested in getting a solo seat with a removable pillion to replace the stock set up. If it can lower the riding positition then that's a bonus.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Doesn't your custom already have a solo seat with the removable pillion?
    I removed my pillion seat on my classic in 30 seconds.
    Maybe Im misunderstanding your question?
  3. Hi Randall, yeah the stock is easily removed - I was looking into an upgrade in terms of comfort & styling that is also removable. Cheers mate
  4. Yeah, I understand about the comfort thing, I`m only a new rider but already I`m thinking I`ve gotta do something about getting ride of a sole backside!! The only thing I can find on the net is those Gel seat covers. I`m not sure they assist?
    If I find anything else around I`ll be sure to let you know;)

  5. Haha know the feeling! The stock is fine until around an hour, it was actually the pillion comfort that started me looking, the stock pillion isn't real nice to my wife :) ill check out the gel pads, thanks mate
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  6. You might like to check out this company "www.acmseats.com.au/home" Tjhey are in Melbourne.
  7. Great link!! Thanks for the heads up Pod.

  8. Ahh nice, thanks for that - will look into it - sounds great on the site
  9. I ordered a Mustang seat from the US. Great improvement in terms of comfort.
  10. A mate has a Mustang seat on his Vulcan 900. Looks a bit odd with the more defined back rest...but what a massive improvement in comfort. The lumbar support makes a huge difference.
  11. I have been using the Air hawk motorcycle seat for a few days now: http://www.airhawk.com.au/products.php?product_category_id=28 fitted on top of original XVS 650 seat. Although it feels quite comfy and your riding on a cushion of air, the tail bone still gets sore after 30 mins or so.
    I researched a few yanky sites and more specifically the air hawk reviews and they all had good things to say about them. I must say I`m a little dissapointed for my $140 investment. I have got the inflation level just right but still cant get over a sore arse. Maybe I`m going to have to get a complete seat from one of the USA crowds linked in previous posts.