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Aftermarket Pipes on a GPX250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Looked through a search and couldn't see anything terrifically useful. Anybody got any experience with putting aftermarket pipes on a GPX250?

    every so often i get off and look at it and think "man that would look cool with some aftermarket pipes"

    what ones are available? i think that yoshis are made for gpx's

    and approx prices? including any carby work that needs to be done to account for the different pipes

    Cheers fellas

  2. ah yes, I have thought that myself many times. Fort, or unfort depending on your point of view I dont really want to invest the cash on it as my bike is a little older and has a few character building nicks and scratches. Just doesnt seem worth it. So, I ended up drilling 4 x 12mm holes in the back of each pipe. Cost me 10 bucks and sounds great...


    anyway, I did a fair bit of pipe research before going willy nilly with the drill and this is what I found as a start...


  3. i remember when i had my Honda VT250, i thought i would do the same thing, change the pipe, make it look better/sound better, in the end decided to hold off and use the money i was going to put into the exhaust into a new bike instead, well, newer bike anyway.
    turned out to be the right thing to do for me. in my eyes it was a 250, it would have been purely a cosmetic benefit too, not much of a performance increase on a v-twin 250.
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    Yea I've looked into it. They're about $4-600 just for the pipe. Doesnt include fitting or carb jet changes. So yea you can see the price bloats pretty quickly.

    Also if you are to get a pipe it would have to be the 1YmNHnrWHVs[/media]]two brothers exhaust, purely for the sound of it (IMHO).
  5. i have a set of 2 - 1 headers, link pipe and the world shittiest can (came with bike ) but have not been bothered looking for a can due to the isnt worth it factor. sure the stock exhaust is a little restrictive but it works well enough...grab a set from the wreckers and play around with drilling holes and so on and if you like it keep it but have your existing ones as backup..
  6. just go to a custom exhaust shop and see if they can fab you a removable baffle :)

    my little 250 is debaffled. its loud as ... dunno, but it certainly kills my ears in the twisties when its revving like a biatch