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Aftermarket parts for cb400sf 2012

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Arnas, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!

    So today I purchased my very first motorbike can't wait to pick it up next Saturday (damn work responsibilities). Regardless I'm still excited and cheer like a little kid when I'm able to find some aftermarket goodies for my bike. However once i start reading more about the specific item it either lists date till 2008 or even 2011 and I was wondering what exactly has changed with these models.

    I know that grips are universal and doesn't matter which one I get, but what about levers (clutch & brake) or even clip-on handle bars? I've seen someone post here a photo with these http://i.imgur.com/Vd9yXZm.jpg and from what I understand preferable I get those "L shaped" clip-ons because straight bar would be hitting the tank on full-lock.

    Then comes electrics I'd really prefer to get tail-light with integrated indicators however once again models are listed up to 2008 or 2011.
    Oh and I'd really love to add gear indicator (saw some cheap knock-offs for $25 on ebay) was wondering how tricky are they to install ?

    Foot-pegs was another thing I looked at but it's not really on my priority list to upgrade, but would be great to know if these are universal or should I be vary of what I purchase?

    And finally all might EXHAUST!
    I've looked up at some slip-ons on ebay and was able to find few for $400ish. Should i only stick to the ones that are listed under my bike or any slip-on works regardless?
    Should I even bother with full exhaust-system? saw this beauty http://img.webike.net/catalogue/19070/A120-168-3411-2.jpg

    Sorry for long post but as I mention I'm truly excited about my bike and would love to know whats save to play around and whats best left stock!

    Thank you ladies and gents
  2. Suggest you go and repost this over is the CB400 thread. Or Mods move it?
  3. thanks! i'll do it