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Aftermarket Mirrors

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Nocturne, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Thinking of some for my 2011 CBR250R.

    Anyone used them on their bikes before (doenst matter type), or know people that have etc and have some info as to the brands i should be looking at?

    I'm basically after something shorter as i'm fiding the stockies too long and while i'm at it maybe something a bit nicer looking.

    It is only a 250 so i'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars etc, but the bike will be with me until my big boys licence in ~2.5yrs so i dont plan on going cheap $20 plastic (unless they really are awesome!)

    Many thanks!
  2. In my experience unless you spend a lot then the aftermarket ones are sh#t. They move, they vibrate more. Pain in the ****ing ass. It annoys me remembering dealing with them (after breaking mine so I couldnt go back)

    Keep the originals any shorter you probably won't be able to see anything either.
  3. Isn't that a bugger. First hand experience is what i like though so thanks very much :)

    I'm going to keep searching to see if anything else mentioned on the net but that will definitely be in the back of my mind
  4. I got these LED mirrors from eBay that I'm pretty happy with.

    They are no Rizomas, but don't move around and are wide enough to give good vision.


    Edit: Just realised you have a CBR250R and it's faired...

    How derp of me...

    Stick with the originals, they look pretty good
  5. I have the CBR250 as well, I've ordered the Medusa Sport from Kiwav, I'll post a review and some pics when I get them, should be next few days.

    My priority was to be able to filter better, CBR mirrors are the exact height as car mirrors, ughhhhh.
  6. you pay for what you get,
    spend the money equivalent to genuine, and you get good quality.
    buy them cheap, expect them to mark easily and the joints to loosen
  7. lol, i did actually have a look at ones with the indicators as they are pretty cool :)

    That last bit is what i'd noticed and is also a driving factor, i noticed its the perfect height when reversing out from work the other day as someone parked me in and i maneuvered between a couple cars...really annoyed me

    I found these through the web today, sound abasolutely amazing and get great reviews. I constantly have to fold in my mirrors when parking at home or work too, which these will fold back then flick back to their exact previous position too. That will save me a lot of fart arsing around that i need to do every god damn ride

  8. IMHO - customising a learner bike is a waste of money.....

    On another note...........personally I would NEVER buy a heavily modified vehicle.....

    I understand modifications (I have done them to bikes and cars) - BUT - said vehicles were returned to stock for resale......

    Only modify if you intend to keep or if you will return to stock to sell.....

    Just my 2c
  9. Honestly, i had no intentions of it either. I actually purchased this one with all the mods its got on it plus the guy i bought it from gave me all of the originals so i can return to stock if i like (which i will likely do when i sell), but ~$100 is nothing when i'll keep the bike for at least 3yrs and makes my everyday riding easier + can be returned to stock
  10. I've got aftermarket mirrors but can't post a pic because I'm using my iPod which has no pics stored (plus my bike is at the mechanics right now). I bought them from www.cruisercustomizing.com. They are smaller than some mirrors but are magnified and seem to give plenty of vision. I've had them on my bike for about 3 years now and have no complaints. They cost around $100 plus the regular overseas postage costs but they get a lot of attention and I'm happy with them (except when the pointed end dug deep into my forehead whilst cleaning my bike one day, now that hurt)
  11. +1, spot on!!!
  12. i got a set of these for my Z: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bar-End-...orcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cb1bf1745

    this is because the stock mirrors were too short, all i could see was my shulders and what was beside me... sometimes

    with the new ones i can see the lane behind me and two lanes beside me... and i can still check if my elbows are attached without moving my head!

    they also seem to be quite good quality, dont vibrate loose. on a spirited run the mirror didnt move a degree, although my barend came loose :S (i had different bar ends to what comes with this, and i hadnt loctited them in yet :))

    depending on your riding position, these can be hung under the bars aswell


  13. Awesome, thanks :)

    When you get a chance could you please post a link to the exact ones? :)
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  15. Found them, thanks again :)
  16. I've been drooling over Rizoma mirrors & indicators *swoon*
    Pricey but they are suchhhh good quality!
  17. Can I ask, how long have you had these mirrors for?
  18. around the 3 month mark.

    the only downside i have found with them is when the bike is tired and feels like lying down, the mirrors are one of the things that take the weight of the bike and thus, the 'stalk' bends.

    but if you keep your baby well rested, hopefully she wont take a nap on you
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  19. haha I will make sure my baby is well rested!

    I for one am not big on spending big bucks on mirrors. Have heard of many riders on the wristtwisters forum who have bought $14 ebay mirrors and have never looked back (hurr hurr get it?)

    anyone have experience with these?
    Australian seller and they seem to be pretty popular
  20. They look to be knock offs of the ones i linked earlier in the thread - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CRG-HIND...rcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19cbfe064a

    If they work exactly the same, bargain! No mention of them being able to click back at a 90* angle or if they'lly quickly snap back if they hit something like the other mentions though

    Edit: The whole mechanism looks exactly the same, so maybe they do. Hmm...