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Aftermarket Mirrors for Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by suzyq, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Last night the right hand mirror on my Spada snapped off. Unfortunately not the stem of the mirror, but the metal bit it screws into. I suspect the metal was fractured in my crash! Yep same side. That means a whole new front master cylinder etc. :( My mate here at work mentioned that you can get clamp on mirrors? As I'm trying not to spend too much are they are cheaper option? And has anyone with a Spada put after market mirrors on? I actually hate the mirrors on the Spada they seem to stick out so far and i am forever knocking them. Then I spend ages trying to get them back in position. So I do see this an opportunity to replace them.

    Thanks heaps

  2. My Spada fell on its right side yesterday, snapping the mirror off too. I got a new mirror (inc stem) for $35. Take the bike to a shop and get them to check the thread size but I think the majority of them should be the same.[/quote]
  3. thanks, yep unfortunately it wasn't the stem that snapped, it was the thread part :( so means a whole new master cylinder.. so i thought i would try and get some clamp on ones..
  4. you can get a mirror mount bracket that replaces the front part of the clamp on your resovior mount (the small front plate with 2 bolt holes in it) about $15 from mcs, then you can keep your existing setup