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aftermarket l.e.d 's

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by I_Is_Aydin, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. just curious to know if there are any websites or any people that anyone knows that does aftermarket l.e.d installations on bikes?



  2. Don't know of any one that does the installations but any auto elec could do it easy enough, most people I know just do it themselves it's not that hard. Most should come with a load equaliser and it's only 3 wires.

    You'll find importing from the US a lot cheaper, like with the Kuryakyn l.e.d.s I know the dealers around here want like $300 a pair when you can get them for $120 from the US.

    I've found http://www.phatperformanceparts.com/ to be a good source, but see if BGW have anything to suit here first as I fully endorse them, great service, good prices and they are Aussies.
  3. Bike monkey on ebay sells them
  4. Ive used Steve at RatedR parts , find him through ebay.
    Aussie seller , fairly cheap and a great service.
  5. I think moreso than sourcing the parts Aydin wants to find out who he can take the indicators to install them on his bike. He is in the west of Melbourne.
  6. Using Resistors can be hit and miss
    Eastist option one of these from motogadget
    the Mflash
    or Mstop
    It just replaces your OME flasher
    You only need one if your Flasher is before the switch
    Or 2 if you have yours after the switch
    Read the scpecs some great products and our Dollar to EURO is strong at the moment and there shipping was as much as the part (30 Euros ) but the product is sound
    i used the Mstop as it has the option of auto shut off after a pre selected time ... no more leaving the blinkers on
    Like the stuff so much im going to use there dash and wiring kit for my custom RZ