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Aftermarket Gauges - CB400

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bonzee, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im about to change the gauges on my CB400 and wanting to find out how difficult is the changover to a Koso gauge for example?
    Multifunctions Archives - Koso North America
    I own a 2010 NC42 Honda CB400.
    Should i be concerned about buying an analog or digital to replace the original gauges on the CB400?

    Please lend me your wisdom!
  2. NFI. But keep us updated on your project.
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  3. Why?

    Are the current gauges buggered or is it a matter of style?

    From my experience over the years of fitting "strange" instrumentation to motorbikes, you may find that you need a friendly and understanding source of Pink Slips.

    I'd also suggest that non-standard instruments will lower the resale value of the bike.
  4. BTW, I've just gone to the garage and checked..... the rev. counter I fitted to my 125 Cagiva is, in fact, a Koso after market unit.

    To be fair, once set up properly, it works well, but setting it up was kinda fiddly with some of the instructions a bit confusing.

    Also, when setting it up, you'll need to keep careful notes of how and what was done, as, at least on my gauge, if you remove the battery from the bike, the gauge "looses" it's set-up, and you have to do it all again.
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  5. CrazyCamCrazyCam Its purely a matter of style.
    This bike has been a project since the day i bought it.
    Haha yeah pink slips, not a problem...resale value not an issue. The bike is way passed the "original look".

    Yeah i thought it would be quite fiddly. Did you go from analog to a digital Koso?
    Ive removed the battery quite a few times so thats not a problem.
    Im more worried about all the warning lights/HISS etc etc that the original gauge has and how it will affect the bike if changed.
    Thanks for checking yours out!
  6. All I can say is don't, under any circumstances, mutilate the stock loom/harness.

    Thinking, "sure, I'll just splice into here......" - that's the wrong thinking.....

    Just sayin'
  7. BitSarBitSar Yeah im hearing you.
    Im a forklift mechanic and deal with electrical applications quite often. Bit never fiddled with gauges before.
    Trying to keep the insides as stock as possible.
    Thanks for the tip bud!
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  8. Fair enough Bonzee, I just thought a warning about the pink slip business might be useful.

    If you are doing a full custom job on the beastie, good onya.

    I only fitted the Koso analog rev. counter because my Raptor 125 didn't have a rev.counter, and, with a single cylinder 125 two-stroke, we can be looking at quite high numbers in the revs department.

    Setting it up required various combinations of push one or the other of two buttons.

    I had to do it right to tell the unit that it was counting revs on a single two stroke. which it "forgets" if power is cut off from the unit.

    It has a "change lights" sequence and "max revs" lights, but they were such a PITA that I've just ignored them.

    I've left the internal light in the dial permanently on when ignition is on.

    Warning lights,.....<shrug> dunno, but I'd imagine they would be simple enough, but the HISS business could be a bit messy.
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  9. The HISS system isn't connected to the gauges itself - just the 'I'm HISS, I'm on' flashing red light. So the HISS unit surrounding the ignition that chats to the RFID in your key travels through the harness to the ECU, and you're not messing with that side of things. I doubt that the flashing HISS light on your dash is anything more than a visual warning.

    Maybe it's worth getting a knackered gauge to cannibalise? Go from your good existing plug to the donor plug, then use the donor plug wires to the Koso wires perhaps? Then Koso plug to Koso unit.

    I'd be interested to know how you get on - then you can come round and do mine.
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  10. CrazyCamCrazyCam The high revs problem is understandable i guess. Ive been told you can get different gauges that cover different rev ranges.
    im looking at a maximum 15,000 rpm on mine.
    Ok so its going to be a bit of fiddling around.
    Thanks for your experience man! appreciate it.

    LionzLionz That is great to know.
    That was one of the bigger concerns involving the ignition. Not having the light is fine with me.
    Yeah ill let you know how it goes. Now its just choosing the right gauge!
    Cheers for your help.