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Aftermarket Flyscreens? Why so expensive?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Barters81, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. I've been looking around at the MT09 flyscreens on the market and sort of doing my head in as to why they're so bloody expensive.

    To put it into perspective I recently bought a brand new fleabay all black windscreen for my ninja for like $25 delivered which is bigger than an MT09 flyscreen and was literally perfect in every way.

    The OEM flyscreen for the MT09 is around $200. One can get a full carbon flyscreen in the same profile for $200 off of ebay.

    So why the expense? And why isn't someone out there knocking out these things cheap in china for all bikes in all different colours and sizes? Maybe I should start a business....and sell them for $180 :p

    Sorry just had to have a bit of a rant.
  2. DSC_2558 (Copy). Yup totally agree Barters81Barters81 it was going to cost me $300 shipped from OS for a touring screen. So I thought I would take a crack at it nothing to lose, $20 for a 3mm offcut of polycarbonate and a rough cutout sketch drilled a few holes and some shaping after heating with a disposable butane torch and I'm as happy as that proverbial pig 3:).
    You can see my original screen in my avatar and my hand made touring screen above.
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  3. That's awesome and exactly the sort of stuff I'd hoped for for this thread. You could literally start selling those I reckon.

    Once heated did you lay it over something to get that nice straight bend?
  4. you can buy fly screen mesh at Bunning's mate

    very cheap too
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  5. used a kitchen bench with a rolled edge anything that is not a sharp right angle would be fine and heat the polycarbonate carefully because the difference between hot and malleable and bubbling the poly is minimal !
  6. Barters81Barters81 you have to wear the flies on your visor as a badge of honour when you ride naked mate!
  7. I thought the difference between a good screen and a cheap one might be wind tunnel testing to ensure that it actually helps to deflect wind around the bike and rider. Not cheap to get time in a tunnel.
    Once it's done then it's easy for someone to do a knock off.
  8. most screen are designed to direct the flow at the chest anyways
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  9. Fair enough I guess.......I'm also thinking that you can't mass produce these things really as there are too many different variations and not enough bikes.

    CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster I seem to get plenty of bugs on the ninja regardless mate. You should have seen the last ride with DangerousDangerous and GregglesGreggles I was covered in bugs. :)
  10. And I bet you were smiling from ear to ear!
  11. So expensive, I'm betting it's never done that way. Even OEMs are probably not useing wind tunnels for their motorcycle fairings. All they are doing is adjusting the design penned by the designer, based on experience. Maybe using CFM. Maybe a scale model.

    With an optional OEM screen they will be just mocking up a screen and taking it for a ride and repeating until they are happy. The aesthetics will be more of a driver than anything else. I'd be very suprised if it ever saw a wind tunnel.

    No I'd say te price just reflect what they can think they can get away with when someone is optioning up a bike they are buying new. Afterall $300 is not such a big stretch when you are buying a $15k vehicle (for example).
  12. I'd suggest using a heat gun rather than the naked flame of a butane torch. Much less risk in bubbling it up and better heat control. Pretty cheap to if you get an ozito or similar brand
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  13. If the windscreen is modeled digitally there are many great wind tunnel software programs out there that can do this.

    After all......fluid dynamics is not a new science.
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