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aftermarket fairings

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by R66, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    Firstly I have searched before posting this : )

    I have a 1999 R6 in need of a spruce up before selling it, thinking either a full fairing kit,like the below


    Has anyone purchased off these guys - good quality, fitment, service etc

    having my current fairings repaired and sprayed. from my research this would be closer to $1000! obviously it depends on the repairs, will post some pics later today.

    Just after some thoughts


  2. OK below are the main repair jobs, is it worth repairing and spraying then new stickers or buying a fairing kit as previously mentioned?






    By the way the bike is mechanically A1, always serviced and only 40,000Kms, this is why I am thinking its worth spending some money to bring it up to speed before selling!

  3. well, whats one like yours all spruced up worth? Then one that is in the condition yours is in?
    weigh up the difference and factor in the cost to you to bring your bike up to scratch, is it worth YOU doing it all, or sell it as is for less dollars..
  4. I think its worth cleaning up its just how - fairing kit or patch and respray as I haven't had any experience with either of these!
  5. Repair, paint (professional) & stickers will cost more than that faring kit :)
  6. yea thats what I was thinking, just haven't heard any reviews on these kits??
  7. If you don't mind doing it yourself it doesn't look too hard.
    I've read that Auctmarts are pretty good Chinese fairing manufacturers if you decided to take that option (they are for the TL anyway). Make sure you get injection moulded, not welded on mounting tabs.
  8. I've installed and helped to install many a set of 'china' fairings...

    I've NEVER come across one of these china fairings that 'just fits.....

    Even with all the marketing hype around Injection moulded fairings (which we just bought for my sisters bike) they are rubbish. Quality control must've been on a RDO because paintwork was chipped (although affected panels were replaced free of charge but it was just painful to start the change over only to have to wait another fortnight for the replacement panels) in fact, these were the worst example of China fairings I'd laid eyes on. Usually the paintwork/stickers are pretty decent and it's just the mounting points that need modification but this set OMG what a headfk from paint/stickers to the poorest fitting fairings I've had the (DIS)pleasure of fitting :(

    But cheap is cheap....thing is a good eye will pick up on the new fairings and know that it's been crashed....I'd almost just sell as is, put stickers over any scratches/marks you can and move on ;-)