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Aftermarket fairings?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 17SJS, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. #1 17SJS, Jan 31, 2011
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    Ok, first up apologies because i couldn't decide whether to put this here or in Modifications...but decided here was best as it relates to track days (in my case).

    So anyway, deciding whether or not to get some other fairings, in order to keep my OEM ones unmolested if i do bin it. Have seen the usual HotBodies ones etc., but they all seem to be upwards of $800. I'm not really concerned by whether or not the fairings are lighter or stronger or whatever, simply cheap.

    Any recommendations on a supplier? Found www.idealhere.com tonight, price looks right, has anyone had experience with them?

    BTW, Suzuki GSXR-1000 K9.


  2. Moto 777 in Kowloon Hong Kong have the best quality of the Chinese fairings,
    Some of the Chinese fairings look the same but are real crap,
    Another site im on, quite a few have tried them and say they are OK, the paint is good,
    You have to drill some of the holes a bit bigger,
    I will be getting a set for myself, when I have the dosh, Currently unemployed,
  3. you get what you pay for. if you get good stuff, and not bin it, you will be able to sell them later, and get the bulk of your dough back. Perhaps go to a wrecker, and get scruffy genuine stuff.
  4. you can find some fairings on ebay for around $250. Although they normally come with $250 shipping as well...