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Aftermarket exhausts for Street Triple 660 LAMS?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by wideone3, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Im in the process of buying myself a new Street triple 660 Lams and have looked at a number of videos and sites on exhausts. I don't mind the stock can at all and it doesn't sound too shabby for...well...stock. But I've been told changing the exhausts on it is illegal due to the power/weight stuff but the akrapovic/yoshi exhaust on the mt07 is pretty much the same thing and almost every mt07 has that can. So pretty much what I'm asking is what exhausts would fit the st660. My initial thoughts are that any exhaust that will fit the st675 or str will probably fit the Lams Model but id like to be certain before i spend 500-1500$ depending on slip on or full system. Cheers

  2. The deal is that you cannot modify a LAMS bike to increase performance via an enhancement or weight reduction. If the exhaust boosts performance or reduces weight (power 2 weight) etc then technically your bike no longer sits in the LAMS allowed bike range.

    Bikes that come with the yoshi/akra exhausts may have been tuned/built with that as a stock item and therefore are allowed.

    Adding stickers to the rims or tank etc does nothing for performance and therefore is allowed. Tweaking the bike engine etc to gain another 5HP etc would be a no no.

  3. That's crap, man. I put a fully sick Monster energy drink sticker on my sweet ride and defo got another 10 BHP.
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  4. Lemme guess, it was your CT 110 right, those things go off like a bull in a china shop! :sneaky:
  5. I understand why but i mean pretty much everyone puts a after market exhaust on. The mt07's don't come with the exhaust they are additional extras that drop the weight by 3kg and increase the power by 3-4hp or something like that which obviously puts it out of the lams bracket but not one person has been pulled up/fined or declined a service because of it. The triumphs I'm assuming are the same which is where i need clarifying. Why would the triumph be specifically excluded from the same treatment as the yamaha. i would probably be only putting on a slip on so no major differences. I just want to see whether if i was pulled over whether i would be fined and if so why its so different to these other bikes (mt07, Moster659) in terms of exhausts. Also which exhausts would fit. thank you for the input I'm just still not sure how strict authorities would be on it.
  6. I doubt if you got pulled over you'd get into trouble. A loud exhaust is probably going to attract more attention than a carbon fibre one for example.

    I think it would be more if you have an accident and the bike is inspected. Insurance companies look for anything they can to get out of a payment. A modification , no matter how small, would be fuel for their fire.

    I'm sure there are people on here with more experience in terms of what would/could happen that could guide you. Just my 2 cents.

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  7. Lets put it this way, depending on how the cop feels on the day you may get a way with a warning or you may cop a fine for having modified your LAMS bike. I have seen both situations happen. A lot depends on how the rider behaves. I have seen learner riders get out of a fine riding an R6 recently just because he acted nice.
  8. Yeah I got done for speeding late last year on my p's (totally lame, like 58 in a 50 zone or something, still a licence-losing offence though) but at the end of our conversation the cop let me off with a warning, just told me to slow down a little, and he actually thanked me for not being a dickhead about getting pulled over... Mind blown, I wish it was that guy that did all the highway patrols haha
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  9. When dealing with the police, always be polite and respectful. This should be how we all deal with each other anyway. However, do not give up your rights when you feel that there may be an issue. You can still state your case politely. If do you end up going to court to defend your position, a judge will take abusive attitude to police very seriously and any case you may have could be jeopardised.
    However, I believe the comment by Jaytee is the primary point. If you have an accident, then the insurance company has the right to revoke your policy if the bike is no longer compliant. If there is a third party involved, and you are at fault, then you could end up paying a large amount of money out of your own pocket to compensate the injured party. This is a very different case from a fine or loss of points for having a non-compliant cycle.
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  10. You know me too well.
  11. Exhausts fall into the same category as things like fender eliminators and non-adr tinted visors
    Every second bike has them and while you may not get pulled over for it, you could still cop a fine if you don't pass the attitude test when you get pulled over by Mr plod.
    An insurance company cannot decline your claim specifically for a non complaint motorcycle so long as the item did not directly (or indirectly) contribute to the cause of your crash.
    Tinted visors can impair/distort your vision and could potentially influence a crash so that may come up during an investigation.
    An aftermarket fender eliminator will not reduce debris being flicked from your back wheel and may cause vision problems for the driver behind you.
    An exhaust however is much harder to attribute to the cause of a crash unless it's offensively loud and happened to startle a person or animal and cause a crash..etc etc etc..
    Also note that when these types of claims are influenced by the above, it's normally based on a % of blame. They may say that your visor contributed to 20% of the crash so we'll pay you out 80% of the total value.

    Personally if I was going to modify a LAMS bike, it sure wouldn't be on something that's going to audibly yell "I'M BREAKING THE LAW" at every copper you ride past.
    Instead I would focus in simple things like plastic throttle stops that are hard to spot with the untrained eye.

    All the best

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  12. the weight reduction might alter the power weight ratio,

    then you sit on it and then its back in the power weight ratio limit
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  13. The STR 660 is practically the same for aftermarket accessories as the 2013+ 675's, as far as I know anyway. Any exhaust that would fit the 2013+ 675 should fit the 660.
    I wouldn't bother though. As everyone else has mentioned change the exhaust fcuks with the power to weight ratio, and given the 660 is pretty much on the line for a restricted bike already you'd almost definitely go over.

    Probably wouldn't get done for it unless the cop was having a bad day / you were being a douche (and it would probably have to be HWP, who know their shit, rather than some bog standard cop). But not sure I could justify it to myself from a cost benefit perspective. Just stick with stock until you're time is up.

    Power to weight ratio doesn't include the rider. If you want to boost your bikes speed legally just stop eating.
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  14. Haha. Yeah. Like a supermodel jockey.
    I'd be saving every dollar I could to spend on the next bike when my LAMS period expires. Not a lot of bang for your buck anyway. I have an arrow exhaust on my ST-RX, sounds a lot better but I don't notice any power benefit. I'm keeping her for the long haul, so the extra $$ doesn't bother me. Enjoy your new bike!
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  15. if a lams rider was riding a lams bike, he would also have no insurance as he is not licensed to ride that bike.
  16. thanks everyone very helpful inputs. I understand each and every one of you and yeah i was purely looking to do what most other P plater, well any biker in fact, and modify my bike to have a bit of individuality. Im mainly just looking at an exhaust slip on but as many mentioned I'm not wondering whether or not it'll be worth the risk. I guess ill just have to ride the bike for a bit and decide whether or not I'm happy with the stock exhaust. Im assuming some other things though such as shorty levers or bar end mirrors are all fine.
    Yeah I'm going to base all my purchases on the fact that these bikes are pretty much identical and i guess we will see how it all fits together. Cheers for the help.
  17. Yeah bar end mirrors, after market brake levers, LED indicators, engine covers, frame sliders should all be fine, just let the insurance company know first. Im guessing a tail tidy would also be fine, noting its just light plastic. Your insurance company should be able to advise you on that one too.
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  18. #18 Jaytee, Sep 3, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2015
    From memory there is also an issue with tail tidies if they reduce the distance over the back wheel of the position of the plate/lights. I cannot for the life of me remember the thread it was discussed in but the main pain points were distance apart of the indicators (rear) and the position of the lights, plate over the back wheel.

    Will try and see if i can find the info..

    Edit: Here's a couple that deal with tidies..

    [VIC] - Fine & Defect Notice for Tail Tidy | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    [VIC] - {Moved from Bling} Illegal Tail Tidy's | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

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  19. I've had zero issue with my tail tidy on my gsxr in Victoria .
    I've been pulled over for random checks by hwp countless of times and never any problem .
  20. Wasn't there some recent change in the regulations regarding tidy tails and your back stock fender? I know they removed a few of the requirements.